Microsoft pmo365 & AIMS Roundtable: Responding to climate change on the Great Barrier Reef

Discover how AIMS is leveraging pmo365 to mitigate climate change

Join guest presenters Hayley Gorsuch and Jacqui Hope to see how AIMS (the Australian Institute of Marine Science) uses pmo365 Canvas Apps, clever workflows, and document management tools to deliver innovative interventions aimed at helping the Great Barrier Reef resist, adapt to, and recover from the impacts of climate change.

  • Learn how pmo365 is being used in the field of marine science and climate research.
  • Discover the innovative way Canvas and Model driven apps in pmo365 are being used together to drive this venture.
  • Understand more about AIMS efforts to mitigate climate change on the Great Barrier Reef.

Don’t miss this fascinating insight into Project Portfolio Management in climate change research.

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