How to find the best EPMO Manager

How to find the best EPMO Manager

The EPMO plays a critical role in an organisation and the demand for their skills is growing by the day. So how do you spot a great EPMO manager? We have put together a quick guide to help you find the best EPMO Manager by showing you the different types of EPMO managers, applying the […]

Demand Management for PMO’s: Why you need it and how it’s done

Demand Management for PMO's: How it's done.

Most PMOs recognise how demand management is not only time-consuming and complex, but is central the the business strategy. We’re here to help you go through what demand management is, why its important for your business and how to make sure you’re doing it right. What is Demand Management? Demand management (DM) is a planning […]

What is a Project Management Office? A Complete Guide to PMOs

What is a PMO?

Project management is a profession with a lot of acronyms. If you are a title manager or not, PMO is one word you would most definitely hear about. Project management offices (PMOs) have grown tremendously in popularity over the last decade. According to The State of PMO 2016, since 2000, the number of businesses with […]

Your EPMO roadmap: How to set up an effective EPMO


You’ve heard all about EPMOs and now you’re ready to set one up in your own organisation. Amazing! But where do you start? We’ve put together a quick roadmap that will help guide you through the critical steps you need to take to set up an effective EPMO. What is an EPMO? Before we get […]

Establish a top-class PMO in 8 steps

Establish a top-class PMO in 8 steps

You’ve had a chance to read all about PMOs and why they’re so valuable to the future of an organisation. You’re sold, and you need one in your organisation now! So how do you get started? It may seem like a daunting task and every other website is giving you a different process. But don’t […]

The Ultimate Guide to Product Management

Your Ultimate Guide to Product Management

With it’s increasing circulation in the business world, product management has become more and more prevalent. The problem, however, is that many aren’t quite sure what it exactly encompasses. Due to overlaps with project management, the two have often been used interchangeably, further worsening this confusion.  Well today we end all that confusion with our […]

PMO Red Flags: Signs your PMO team is not at peak performance

PMO Red Flags: Signs your PMO team is not at peak performance

You’ve worked hard to build the PMO team of your dreams. Everything seems to be running smoothly like a well-oiled engine. What could possible be wrong? Don’t let the hum of everyday routine blind you from dangerous warning signs that your PMO team may not be at their peak performance. We’ve identified some of the […]

Top 5 Soft Skills you need to be the best PMO leader


PMO leaders can often get lost in crunching numbers and getting results, leaning on their technical know-how to get the job done. This often results in the underestimation of soft skills – critical skills that are just as important, and in some cases, even more important than technical hard skills alone. A successful PMO starts […]