How EPMOs can create coherent project management reports and processes across the organisation.

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Within the hour, we'll cover how Microsoft pmo365 helps companies and corporations with their EPMO project portfolios. How EPMOs can move from scattered and inconsistent project data into streamlined real-time reports.

You’ll see:

  1. How different teams or business units in an organisation can use different project management apps and methodologies, but still adhere to CORE reporting and governance structure.
  2. How EPMOs can provide the organisation with accurate reports, that help in aligning the investments in projects across the board to strategic objectives.

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Learn directly from thought leaders within the PMO.

Laith Adel pmo365

Laith Adel

Laith is the lead consultant with pmo365 and the main presenter. A successful PMO leader with 20+ years of industry experience.

Bill Allars

Bill Allars

Business Manager, experienced PMO manager in both government and private sector. Bill has led many PMOs to drive optimal strategic value.

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