Simple and Intuitive User Experience

With pmo365, you can complete your work from virtually anywhere on almost any device. You can also support all types of projects with the right blend of power and agility to help both the professional project manager and the occasional user.


Schedule Management

Powerful and familiar scheduling capabilities extended to deliver milestone levels, schedule templates, custom fields and views. pmo365 also provides sets of custom fields (called attributes) for reporting and record-keeping.

Resource Management

Using systematic resource requests and robust resource analytics, pmo365 enables organisations to proactively manage demand on resources, identify bottlenecks early, and assist in project/portfolio selection/optimisation based on resources availability.

Cost Management

The on-going control and reporting of project cost information with the automated import of actuals data from external finance tools and ERP systems. pmo365 provides users with the tools to estimate project costs, baseline budget, track actuals and forecast future costs.

Project Governance

Best-practice workflows are used to support the management framework to govern projects. These include gate approvals, enforcement of the information required for each stage/phase, notifications and approval-seeking. Different workflows may apply to different project types.

RAID Log Management

A SharePoint site for each project for logging and managing Documents, Risks, Issues, Assumptions, Dependencies, etc., to enable project team collaboration. These logs are set up to suit clients’ requirements and to comply with framework standards and methodology.

Time Reporting

Track the time spent on project tasks and progress toward completion, as well as time spent on administrative tasks like leave, training and travel. pmo365 provides Status Updates and/or Timesheets to perform these activities and delivers a full view of resources’ time.

Pipeline Management

pmo365 helps organisations gather and manage their pipeline of new ideas and convert them into projects. It uses web forms to capture new ideas and build-out initial information. A workflow then manages an approval process before converting an approved idea into a project.

Program Management

Tagging projects in pmo365 enables projects to be grouped by a program name in the user views, reports and dashboards. This grouping enables the roll-up and aggregation of project information to a program level, as required.

Benefits Management

During project initiation, expected benefits from an initiative/project are recorded in a benefits log – used by decision-makers to approve initiatives. Downstream, actual versus expected benefits are compared.

Portfolio Analysis

pmo365 helps organisations to objectively prioritise their initiatives and projects to align with strategic drivers. It assists in optimising the selection of projects and initiatives against constraints such as budget and resources availability.



Increasingly government agencies are seeking to employ technologies to provide services to their stakeholders and communities, while others are continually managing asset-related capital works programs and projects. There is a clear rise in the public sector’s dependency on project portfolio management to ensure that their investments are delivered successfully – within budget and on-time.  Successful project portfolio management in the public sector can only be achieved using a centralised project portfolio management (PPM) tool.  pmo365 for Government, is based on our experience in the delivery of successful PPM solutions across local, state and federal government.


Asset owner organisations, like utility companies, have a common challenge of optimising their investment in maintaining, replacing and building/acquiring assets.  Such decisions are critical and can be very complex.

pmo365 for Utilities is built to address the specific requirements of organisations that own and/or operate assets, enabling them to make the right decisions to minimise the risk of unplanned and potentially serious incidents; while directing the utility’s limited resources on the activities that will deliver the greatest value.


Information technology business units across all industries are being tasked to execute the business digitisation and transformation strategies.  To perform its role in the execution of these strategies, IT and ICT business units are increasingly faced with the challenge of integrating business requirements and demand with technology planning and resource availability. pmo365 for IT gives customers end-to-end visibility into demand, resource capacity, projects and work execution, and project financials.


The trend of augmented mandate of regulatory reforms, certifications and standards that increase operating costs, coupled with ageing populations and demand for better patient care, healthcare companies need more transparency and accountability in measuring, reporting and comparing their investments in projects and programs.

pmo365 helps healthcare providers model different portfolio scenarios to determine the best strategic path by weighing project proposals against strategic business drivers while considering cost and resource constraints within the organisation.


Increasing numbers of universities and other tertiary educators are tasking the PMOs – whether they are in IT, property or enterprise – to ensure that their investments in projects are delivered within budget and on time, and are returning the desired outcomes and benefits.

To achieve this task, university PMOs must:

  • Set up frameworks and processes
  • Support and train project managers
  • Set up and run a Project Portfolio Management system, usually called a PPM

pmo365 provides university PMOs with the software and the services required to guarantee the success of their PPM.


Companies in the financial and insurance sectors like banks, insurers, super funds and others, are faced with challenges from worldwide economic changes and from domestic constraints.  pmo365 helps financial sector companies to systematically evaluate project proposals and create a centralised location to capture and evaluate project ideas from anywhere within the organisation.  pmo365 then becomes the home for all in-flight project data, delivering a one-stop-shop for project managers.  Seamless integration with a business analytics/BI platform delivers invaluable insights across portfolios and quickly aggregates portfolio data with data from other line-of-business systems (like project financials data) for further reporting.


Project Manager

pmo365 helps project managers gain visibility on their project work to manage the schedule, the team and resources, and to track and manage the project costs to enable timely and appropriate decision making. With pmo365 project managers get started quickly and execute projects with ease. Built-in templates and familiar scheduling tools help project managers and teams maximise their productivity.

Familiar scheduling features like Gantt charts, boards and pre-populated pull-down menus help reduce training time and simplify the project planning process.

pmo365 delivers a rich library of reports and dashboards for project managers to give them the visibility and insights required on their projects from project status reports to burn-down charts to project financials analysis.

Portfolio Manager

pmo365 is the portfolio management tool to manage all projects from a high-level perspective, driving the portfolio at a largely strategic level to focus on across-organisation resource management and cross-project communication.

pmo365 helps portfolio managers easily model different portfolio scenarios to determine the best strategic path by weighing project proposals against strategic business drivers and considering the cost and resource constraints within the organisation.  It also enables portfolio managers to capture and evaluate project ideas from anywhere within the organisation.

pmo365 provides a rich library of reports and dashboards for portfolio managers to give them the visibility and insights required on their portfolio – from portfolio status reports to risk & issue analytics to project/portfolio financials.

Program Manager

pmo365 is used by program managers to coordinate, direct and oversee the implementation of sets of interrelated projects to deliver outcomes and their benefits, which are aligned to an organisation’s strategic objectives.

With pmo365, program managers can define the program roles and responsibilities as well as the processes and metrics to assess its progress while planning projects within the overall program.

pmo365 is also used by the program managers to manage program costs by enabling them to track and control costs in one place.

pmo365 provides a rich library of reports and dashboards for program managers to give them the visibility and insights required on their program – from program status reports to project interdependencies to project/program financials.

Resource Manager

pmo365 is used by resource managers to plan work based on resource requirements.  It gives resource managers the ability to balance demand coming from in-flight projects and new initiatives, and the capacity of available resources.

pmo365 enables organisations to proactively manage resource utilisation, identify bottlenecks early, accurately forecast resource needs, and improve project selection and timely delivery.  With capacity heat maps, resource managers can view how resources are used and quickly identify over-used and under-used resources to optimise assignments.

pmo365 provides a rich library of reports and dashboards for resource managers to give them the visibility and insights required on their resources – from resource heat maps to resource capacity and availability to forecast projected usage.


Organisations around the world are tasking PMOs to ensure that their projects are delivered within budget and on time, and deliver the desired and promised outcomes and benefits. To achieve this, PMOs must: set up frameworks and processes; support and train project managers; and set up and run a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) system.

pmo365 provides PMOs with visibility on accurate, real-time projects’ information and status without navigating through endless and scattered document files and notes, and insights on demand versus resources’ available capacity.

pmo365 models the PMO’s project management methodology, providing consistency in the way projects are delivered.

pmo365 provides a rich library of reports and dashboards for the PMO to provide visibility and insights on everything they manage.