How to fix text field containing invalid data Error

I came across this issue when I used “Log to History List” in the workflow. I was trying to log the dictionary variable value returned from HTTP Web Service and got this error message: A text field contains invalid data. Please check the value and try again.”

In this blog we will discuss the cause and solution of an Invalid text value error. A text field may contain invalid data that comes while working with visual studio workflow in SharePoint Online. A “HttpSend” workflow action is used to call the rest API. By using Get Dynamic Value Properties I am trying to retrieve the values and assign to different variables, as below:

The issue usually occurs when working on data with more than 255 characters. If the data is less than 255 characters, the error usually does not appear.

When developing SharePoint solution, you may have experienced this common issue while inserting or updating items in SharePoint lists programmatically.

This exception occurs when trying to insert text to a column “Description” in the “History List” which is a “Single line of text” type with a value that contains more than 255 characters.

To solve this issue simply either reduce the size of the log text to below 255 characters or change the attribute of the “Description” column to “Multi line of text”.

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