Live Webinar: What PMOs should be looking for in PPM Tools in 2023

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One of the essential jobs of any PMO is to select, implement and support a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Tool. However different PMOs will need different types of PPM tools.

In this webinar, we will go through the types of PPM tools, based on:

  • Functionality and Usability: Most PPM Tools have a set of shared features, such as project schedules management, resource management, cost management, and reporting. However, some of these PPM tools have features that are unique to them.
  • Industry: If your PMO is supporting for example IT and Business projects, there are certain PPM tools that are built for that, however, if you are managing construction or other physical asset projects, there will be a completely different list of tools for you.
  • Architecture: Most PPM tools these days are offered as SaaS, however, there are different types of PPM tools even in a SaaS offering, for example, you can go for a native-cloud, shared-cloud, or public cloud SaaS PPM.
  • Cost: PPM tools’ cost is not just the software license, you need to consider implementation, change management, and support costs as well.

Join us in this webinar to navigate through the most popular PPM tools in the marketplace and guide you through the process of selecting the optimal PPM tool for your PMO.

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Laith Adel pmo365

Laith is the lead consultant with pmo365 and the main presenter. A successful PMO leader with 20+ years of industry experience.

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