Microsoft pmo365 for Universities Webinar

Watch real world implementations of Microsoft pmo365.

Within the hour, we'll cover how Microsoft pmo365 can help universities with their project portfolios. Provide two real-world implementations and walk you through how Microsoft pmo365 can help you.


  • VISIBILITY on accurate and real-time projects information.
  • Insights on DEMAND versus resources’ available capacity.
  • CONSISTENCY in the way projects are delivered.


  • Set up STRATEGIC pillars and objectives.
  • Assess the ALIGNMENT of projects to strategic objectives.
  • PRIORITISE projects, so the right projects are selected.

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Learn directly from thought leaders within the PMO.

George Mioch Federation University Australia

Special Guest

George Mioch

George Mioch is a Program Manager at Federation University Australia with substanial experience in Higher Education.

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Laith Adel pmo365

Laith is the lead consultant with pmo365 and the main presenter. A successful PMO leader with 20+ years of industry experience.

Special Guest

Daniel Xu is a Solution Architect at Microsoft. Empowering organisations to achieve more in a mobile-first, cloud-first world with Microsoft’s best-in-class platforms and productivity services.

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