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How pmo365 can help PMOs?

pmo365 revolutionary platform will assist your PMO by:

Visualise all project progress in real-time

Providing a platform which helps visualise all project progress in real-time without going through the process of manually finding project data.

Project data integrity and integration

Providing a space where all project data is collated​

All-round support

Removing all admin overhead associated with the manual PMO process.

Speed up the communication process

Providing information which will speed up the communication process between all projects’ and programs’ stakeholders (internal and external)​

PMOs are put in place to help a business have visibility and control over their projects… So why do we need a PPM? Well, if your business has a PMO then you will know that there is a huge overhard on the PMO to collect data and information from different projects, programs, people, systems and files, particularly if you are working in a large organisation with many projects. Which might result in the governing board receiving inaccurate or dated information, leading to projects to run over budget, over time or even having the wrong projects worked on.

How pmo365 can help PMOs?
Project Portfolio Management & Microsoft 365

So how can a pmo365 help? Well, it removes the overhead of collecting projects and programs related data and information, by introducing a centralized data collection component (called Datavers) and integrating this component with newly introduced apps (using Power Apps), or existing Apps like Microsoft Project, Teams, Excel, SAP, Oracle, SalesForce, etc. The pmo365 system provides an unmatched platform which can help your PMO perform the way it was intended, with unrivalled consistency.

What is a PMO?

A Project (or a Program) Management Office (PMO) is a department/group that initiates and maintains the standards of projects within a business. It primarily assists businesses in three areas: the process, the people and technology.

The process is the actual framework and procedures for managing and delivering projects and programs, the people, is the hiring, the mentoring and skills’ development for the project management discipline within the organisation (be it professional or casual), and the technology is about ensuring the right people have the right tools to complete their projects - whilst giving the organisation real-time and accurate information on these projects.

This is where pmo365 fits in, it provides a platform which can assist a PMO in not only getting people the right tools, but also ensuring these tools are being used to connect individuals at the project level, with individuals in the organizational governing and management bodies.

“This has been a successful implementation. We have very successfully introduced a world-class PPM system that fully support the PMO in its execution of projects at BPAY.”
Sean Nairn

What are the challenges encountered by PMOs?

The biggest challenge of the PMO is ensuring that they are able to gather accurate and real-time information, which corporate can use. This issue often arises because PMOs perform the process in a manual way.

Admin Overheads

Manual PMOs will take time to interrogate all of the project managers and look at their tools to find the necessary information which corporate will need, including project schedule, project business case, expenditure, project risks and so on. All of this information is then put into a presentation which is submitted to the governing board at a meeting every month. This process is often very difficult and time consuming, leading to massive admin overheads.

Inaccurate Data

Moreover, as you're collecting this information you may realise that the data is inaccurate. This may be due to poor communication within the team, poor leadership or even simply due to the project manager being on leave when the PMO is collecting this information. This inaccurate data may mean that the project is unknowingly running behind schedule, costing the company even further.

Data is not real-time

Finally, the process of performing this manually may mean that your data is not real-time. The long process of collecting and collating the information from project teams means that by the time corporate receives the information, the projects have already moved on. The information that is being received by the governing board is now not as relevant as it may have been in the past.

What does a PPM do for a PMO

A PPM tool, and pmo365 in particular, will integrate with the project tools with the purpose of putting the projects into one centralised location. These projects will then be provided with governance to ensure the projects are controlled, allowing decisions to be made in real-time and with greater accuracy. This simple process not only leads to greater accuracy in terms of data and guarantees it is real-time but also ensures it has zero overhead. With this integrated system, PMO can quickly and easily visualise this information, collate it and get the information to corporate who can then make decisions on the projects within each portfolio.

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