pmo365 for Healthcare

Helping Project Portfolio Management In Healthcare

The trend of augmented mandate of regulatory reforms, certifications and standards that increase operating costs, coupled with ageing populations and demand for better patient care, healthcare companies need more transparency and accountability in measuring, reporting and comparing their investments in projects and programs.

Model different portfolio scenarios

pmo365 helps healthcare providers model different portfolio scenarios to determine the best strategic path by weighing project proposals against strategic business drivers while considering cost and resource constraints within the organisation.

“This has been a successful implementation. We have very successfully introduced a world-class PPM system that fully support the PMO in its execution of projects at BPAY.”
Sean Nairn

Microsoft's 365 Cloud

pmo365 is built in Microsoft’s certified Azure data centres using Microsoft’s stunning Power Platform.  It utilises PowerApps, PowerAutomate and PowerBI and integrates with Microsoft’s full suite of other work-management products (such as Teams, Project, Planner, etc.)  With PowerAutomate, integration with a plethora of  other applications becomes possible – such as SAP, Oracle, Jira, Ellipse and ServiceNow.  In fact, we can integrate pmo365 with just about any external data source.


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