Microsoft Project Reimagined – the new Project or Project for the Web

Microsoft has launched its re-imagined Microsoft Project (Project for the Web). What does this mean to your organisation and how will it affect future Project Management practices?

In this recorded webinar, Laith Adel (General Manager of EPM Partners) gives an overview and introduction demo of the new Microsoft Project for the Web. And its integration with the Microsoft business applications platform – called the Power Platform. Explaining the architecture behind the new tool and it’s relationship with existing PPM applications and tools. The video will demonstrate how significantly advanced the experience of Project for the Web can be for users even at it’s early stages of development.

Watch webinar recordings here: Microsoft Project Management – reimagined

On the following slideshow, Microsoft details the key values the new Microsoft Projects (Project for the Web) will bring into the table for the future of project management.

To find out subscriptions, pricing, plan, features and capabilities of the new Microsoft Project for the Web, you can explore the following articles:
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