PMO Timesheets reporting is a key feature of streamlined project portfolio management (PPM). pmo365’s Timesheets App tracks time and resources for every project task to help assess labour costs and performance across the organisation. Rather than simply keeping a record of employment hours, Timesheets empowers managers to see exactly how your resources are being utilised in real time. It helps lets you allocate resources efficiently, prioritise needs, reduce bottlenecks, and identify productivity pain points that can otherwise end up causing costly delays.

Streamline Your Timesheets with pmo365

Streamlined PMO timesheets reporting is made possible with Timesheets’ easy, user-friendly interface that conveniently tracks all project activity in one place. It’s a smart and versatile app that integrates all your other PPM tools and makes the task of managing enterprise resources so much faster and simpler.

The App automatically updates Gantt tasks and activities, for example, and tracks all changes to project resourcing as they happen. It also records work progress at the employee level, so project managers can view detailed information on tasks and team performance in real time.

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Why Choose pmo365 for Timesheets?

For many organisations, timesheet reporting is a tedious, time-consuming affair that provides little value beyond telling the finance team how much to pay their employees. But timesheets reporting is a valuable resource that offers useful data for strategic planning and optimising portfolio performance.

pmo365‘s Timesheets let you see current needs and priorities at a glance, with analytical tools to help you manage your resources for maximum effectiveness and minimise risk. It also integrates with your financial tools to quickly calculate accurate costs across all the organisation’s activities.

The Timesheets App can even be used for non-project tracking. For example, it can request leave from managers or the employer, track training hours, or just track time spent on administrative duties like checking emails.

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What Makes Us Different

We’ve been building PPM solutions for over 15 years and are a Microsoft-preferred provider. Our continually growing Solution Library is the product of countless deployments to a variety of industries all around the world, including large corporations, government institutions and agencies managing Capital works, Construction, ICT, and internal business projects.

We provide a sophisticated platform built securely on your own Microsoft 365 cloud which you continue to own, even after your subscription expires. We continue to deliver with ongoing support and solution management as your organisation grows and changes. The flexibility of pmo365’s PMO project management solution means you can continue to customise tools and configure new capabilities whenever the need arises.

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Key Features of Timesheets

Timesheets shows exactly how much labour and skill sets are consumed at any one time with real-time dashboards and timely notifications to help you plan for all contingencies. When managing multiple projects or programs, the App’s ability to model data and assess alternative scenarios vastly enhances enterprise agility and risk management capabilities.

pmo365 timesheet reporting software:

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Tracks productivity and progress across all tasks, projects, programs, and employees.

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Provides accurate calculations of ‘Earned Value’ so managers and stakeholders can optimise the allocation of resources.

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Integrates cost management and benefit management to help prioritise projects and improve strategic focus.

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Provides the ability to adjust forecasts and notify stakeholders of strategic interventions to stop project issues from escalating.

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Our Other Apps & Workflows

pmo365’s Solution Library contains a host of Apps, Flows, Reports and Connectors for every possible PPM function. We collaborate with you to design workflows and project methodologies that serve each stakeholder’s needs – and offer connections to over 900 Microsoft and non-Microsoft apps used in PPM solutions around the world.

pmo365 integrates with all your existing data sources to build a fully connected and customisable work environment that will grow with you and your organisation’s strategic goals.