Those who work in construction project management services know that logistical overheads arise in every project. Disconnect between key players – such as the vendor, project manager, builder, and architects – is a common issue in construction projects. It relates to a broader problem caused by a lack of streamlined data within asset-owner organisations.

Scattered data affects many industries, but it has the greatest impact on the construction project management industry. Here, accurate, real-time data are critical to keeping projects on track. Visibility and control over timelines, contracts, communications, design approvals, and financials is essential. When it’s achieved it increases the efficiency and strategic value of any asset-owning company.

The Complete Construction Project Management Services Solution 

pmo365 addresses the problem of scattered data in PPM. It’s a solution, built on the Microsoft Power Platform, to help PMOs manage large project portfolios. Its dedicated apps for construction services customers include ‘Project Centre’ (the main Capital Works app), ‘Cost Estimation’, and ‘Site Inspection’. Each app guides managers and project stakeholders to streamline their project management with a secure and reliable, cloud-based platform that is easy-to-use and share.  

Importantly, pmo365 is not hosted or owned by a vendor. It is fully owned by you: the customer or asset-owner engaged in construction project management. The subscription service gives building and construction project managers full access to the entire pmo365 library of apps, flows, connectors, reports and dashboards (and all future updates). You also retain ownership of all the data. That means the service remains yours to use independently and autonomously forever, even after your subscription expires. 

What’s more, it continues to be accessible by all third-party stakeholders, such as external consultants and contractors. So, any workers engaged in your construction or capital works projects will have access to the data for as long as it’s required. 

A Solid Foundation for Building and Construction

On top of that, pmo365 stores all project portfolio data in real-time in one secure, cloud-based location. This ‘single source of truth’ (or ‘Dataverse’) connects data from existing project apps like Excel, as well as enterprise software (ERPs and CRMs) like Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, and Technology One. As a result, far-reaching visibility and control over the entire portfolio of capital works projects is possible, and all data instantaneously updates across the organisation. 

This streamlined, all-in-one solution resolves the problem of scattered data plaguing so many construction project management jobs. Highly connected, efficient management processes and tools free up your project managers and PMO teams to work smarter, not harder.  

  • ‘Project Centre’ (Capital Works), for example, helps you deliver physical asset projects, such as construction. It also manages the upgrading or extension of assets through refurbishment, and the maintenance of existing physical assets.  
  • ‘Capital Works’ lets you perform cost estimates on quantities of materials, labor, and other professional services – and contains useful tools for procurement governance in the acquisition of services for design, building, and construction.  
  • ‘Site Inspection’ enables project managers to conduct real-time site inspections and audits of construction sites. It’s available on mobile devices to help users to capture crucial field data like photos and geo-locations, as well as complete important checklists of vital information relevant to each project. 

Project Management for Construction 

pmo365‘s project portfolio solution puts all project data right at your fingertips. It tracks approvals of project instruments (like design drawings and other construction artefacts) across all portfolios, keeps all project stakeholders updated on progress, and monitors budgets and estimations against actuals.  

It also lets you perform important calculations automatically and builds powerful business insights using real-time reporting and dashboard tools in Microsoft BI. 

With this complete PPM solution, builders, subcontractors, project managers, and PMOs can provide consistent and timely delivery of capital works and physical asset projects without adding to their administrative workload.   

One Location, One Easy Solution – for Every Construction Project Manager 

The great appeal of pmo365 is its ease of use. The interface is familiar, it works for all your existing business functions, and it seamlessly integrates with a huge number of third-party apps and data sources. 

Real-time, instantaneous reports and dashboards keep all stakeholders abreast of progress. Alerts about site issues and performance trends guide the appropriate response before issues can create problems elsewhere. It drives greater efficiency and reduces administration, letting your building project managers get on with the job they have been employed to do.  

See how pmo365 can help your Construction Project Management Service to deliver. Book a free demo with us today. 

Bill Allars