Azure DevOps is Microsoft’s Software as a Service (SaaS) developer service that supports product delivery. It provides a single platform that integrates, manages, and enhances DevOps approaches into your organisation. Built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, it’s the services which impact the computing, storage, networking, databases, and monitoring domains. These are our top 7 benefits of using Azure DevOps.

Benefit 1: Collaboration

Seamless collaboration is one of the main challenges of effective product delivery. With Azure DevOps, teams can benefit from hosting and managing code centrally. Through this, they can fully optimise their processes. Even if your team uses PowerShell or VB scripts, the Azure DevOps cloud ensures you can manage all code from a central location. 

But the collaboration benefits don’t stop at coding. Teams can easily integrate prominent collaboration services like Microsoft Teams within the Microsoft ecosystem. In addition, you can link non-Microsoft applications, or any other external data sources, with ease. 

Benefit 2: Continuous Delivery

The Azure DevOps platform optimises pipelines, and ensures you can develop and deploy solutions continuously. It doesn’t matter if your team deploys a solution hosted in Azure or another external cloud platform. The Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline can process the entirety of your solution lifecycle.

Additionally, the integration capabilities of Azure DevOps means that your workflows, delivery, and handover process are completely seamless. 

Benefit 3: Platform Agnostic

Microsoft has always been a leader in promoting cooperation, even with their own competitors. By extension, Azure DevOps is a master of integration. It offers perfect connectors and extensions to industry and community tools like Slack, ServiceNow, and many more.

If Azure DevOps has not built the connection you need, there is a marketplace with hundreds of extensions avaiable to use. This ensures you can to fully optimise and customise your workflows. No matter what platform, data source, or applications you use, your team can still use Azure DevOps.

Benefit 4: Reliability and Security

Microsoft’s Azure data centers have secured IRAP certification, which ensures the highest grade of cyber and data security. Azure DevOps receives 24/7 support, and so has a guarantee of running 99.95% of the time. Additionally, you can manage Azure DevOps deployment across multiple instances, therefore, you can keep applications within compliance regulations. This gives teams confidence when building solutions. They know Azure DevOps is a highly reliable and secure platform, yet it doesn’t compromising on its integrative capabilities. 

Benefit 5: Maintenance Free

Because Azure DevOps is an SaaS product, users don’t need to worry about upgrades. Microsoft handles the updates, so users of Azure DevOps have access to upgrades as they become available. For businesses running on a CI/CD model, down times are no longer necessary to facilitate upgrades. This brings extensive time and cost savings for teams, so they can instead focus on more valuable activities.

Benefit 6: Customisability

The integrative capabilities of Azure DevOps means users can build solutions with tools that suit them best. As a result, it’s easy to customise the solution, and experiment in the delivery process. This encourages flexibility within your teams. Microsoft has created Azure DevOps to specifically fit to any organisation’s workflows and practices.

Benefit 7: Enhances Culture

With its roots in Agile philosophies, the implementation of Azure DevOps encourages more proactive and collaborative teamwork. You can adapt Azure DevOps to the needs and scope of every team, while also facilitating uninterrupted collaboration. As users tap into the benefits of Azure DevOps, teams begin to work more efficiently and achieve better results. 

Enjoy the Azure DevOps benefits in your organisation

If you’re interested in how you can best utilise Azure DevOps in your organisation, book a free demo. We can show you how utilising the Microsoft ecosystem will take your PPM activities to the next level!

Laith Adel
Laith Adel