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BPAY is an electronic bill payment system which allows customers to securely transfer funds to businesses. Over 60,000 business and 150 banks offer BPAY, making it easy for customers to pay their bills, and for businesses to settle their accounts receivable. BPAY prides itself on being easy, secure, an expert in the industry, and Australian – all of these factors contributing to a positive customer experience. 

BPAY Group selected a series of projects, which once completed, would deliver a strategic transformation. Their Project Management Office (PMO) oversaw the initiative, ensuring that the desired outcomes were achieved within budget and time constraints.

Sean Nairn, Head of Project Services at BPAY, had the role of managing program and portfolio managers, business analysts, and PMO analysts to ensure the delivery of BPAY’s business and technology project portfolio.

In addition, Sean was engaged in developing the annual portfolio plan for BPAY Group, which addressed milestones, financial budgets, and resource requirements for approval by the executive team.

It was under his direction that the BPAY Group’s strategic transformation was executed successfully. 


938 Payments

Made per Minute

$1.5 Billion

Transferred through BPAY Daily


Businesses use BPAY


Banks use BPAY

BPAY Group’s Requirements

Requirement 1: A Cloud-Based Solution

It’s not hard to see why a cloud-based solution was a key requirement of BPAY’s new system. Instantaneous and accessible real-time data increases visibility on the status of projects across the organisation. Further, it increases security, with backups built in to the solution.

Requirement 2: Compatible with BPAY’s Established Method

BPAY Group had already established PPM processes and methods. Sean knew that the integration of its financial system was central to the success of these processes and the organisation as a whole. 

Requirement 3: Easy to Learn and Use…

The success of any new initiative, especially one that could have significant effect on work practices, is dependent on how many people actively transition to the new system. Sean wanted a solution that was easy for his team to learn and use, to maximise its adoption and allow BPAY to reap the full benefits of its implementation.

Requirement 4: …but Sophisticated and Flexible

Whilst the solution needed to be simple to learn, it still needed to be sophisticated enough to effectively manage the variety of projects being delivered. It had to be sufficiently flexible, reliable, and able to support the complexity of the project portfolio overall. 

pmo365– an Intuitive and Intelligent PPM solution 

pmo365 is an intuitive project management environment, implemented using the business intelligence of the Microsoft Power Platform. With a comprehensive Solution Library and the ability to connect to over 900 other software applications, pmo365 offers a versatile and robust PPM solution to meet every organisation’s unique needs. 

The Solution: Unify all project activities onto a single intuitive and integrative platform
The Solution: Unify all project activities onto a single intuitive and integrative platform

Our innovative approach using pmo365 was very important to the successful adoption of Microsoft Project Online. The Power BI component for BPAY allows them to focus on their business objectives all the time, providing the right service at the right time, in a true DevOps fashion.”

Laith Adel, General Manager, pmo365

Solution 1: A Cloud-Based Solution 


pmo365 is entirely cloud-based. This means there is one secure database for all project management information. By configuring all data to this ‘single source of truth’ (your Power Platform ‘Dataverse’), you gain a high degree of visibility and intuitive, insightful views of portfolio performance. 

For BPAY, this provided:


Increased Visibility For All Stakeholders
Easy Accessibility for All Users and Stakeholders
Increased Efficiency from Compiled Data
Automatically Generated Power BI Reports
Introducing a Single Source

Solution 2: Integration with Pre-Existing Systems 

pmo365 is designed to integrate with other apps and connectors. It seamlessly pairs with over 900 Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications to create a solution which is tailored to your organisation. Your pmo365 DevOps squad will incorporate the most useful tools for each project activity, working with project managers and the PMO to maximise their capabilities. 

For BPAY, pmo365 integrated the company’s entire financial system. Now, finance and project data automatically updates across the entire organisation. At the same time,  pmo365 works with pre-existing systems, software, and business functions to maintain the very best user experience for all stakeholders.


Dan Stopher

“The introduction of Microsoft Project Online was very well received by BPAY Group. It’s built on Microsoft SharePoint, and has the ribbon experience that most Microsoft Office users are familiar with.”

Dan Stopher, Client Success Manager, pmo365

Solution 3: Easy. It’s that Simple

pmo365 is deployed to your own Microsoft 365 tenant, which means there is no building from scratch, no overheads, and no lock-in contracts – only customisation and integration of your existing data.

Additionally, most organisations already use Microsoft 365 so there is no need to move to a new
platform, and many users will already be familiar with the Microsoft products used in their pmo365 solution. 

However, even if you haven’t been using Microsoft,  pmo365 is designed to incorporate every application and source of data – with the most user-friendly and functional interfaces available. And we’ll customise your solution for the very best user experience. It’s that simple.

Building the Solution

Solution 4: Robust Tools for All Project Management Needs

pmo365 is user-friendly and intuitive, but it has the power and scalability to support even the most complex project portfolios. The base solution is configured to be as straightforward or intricate as your projects require. Over time, you can then build on your solution to service any of your project management needs. 

For BPAY, pmo365 needed to bring a large amount of project and financial data under the one umbrella, incorporating a large variety of users, functions, apps and connectors. Once deployed, however, the entire pmo365 Solution Library (and all new updates) are owned by the company for building new PPM capabilities into the future.

The Benefits

Benefit 1: Increased Visibility

pmo365’s solution brought BPAY’s project managers accurate, real-time project information and project status updates, without having to navigate through scattered files and spreadsheets.

With automated project governance protocols, real-time dashboards, and seamless integration of data sources, project managers could focus on managing projects, instead of doing administration.  

Benefit 2: Enhanced Reporting and Insights on All Levels

With heightened visibility across portfolios, pmo365 intuitively produces reports, metrics, and dashboards to generate portfolio assessments and business insights.

Notifications draw attention to areas of performance which may be of concern, and provide the correct guidance for users on how to deal with problems. 

Up-to-date insights assisted BPAY’s PMO in the understanding and decision-making around its projects.

Benefit 3: Consistency Across All Project Delivery and Reporting

Experience shows: consistent project management is good project management. It’s vital to have in place repeatable PPM processes and methods that are easy to comply with. pmo365 assisted BPAY Group to refine its processes and build reliable delivery practices for all their projects.

Benefit 4: Prioritisation of the Right Projects

When it comes to portfolio management, it’s not just about ‘doing the right projects’, but also ‘doing projects right’. pmo365 offers the capabilities to assist organisations prioritise projects which best align with business strategy, whilst meeting all budget and resource constraints in their delivery. 

BPAY’s project management strategy now has a far more strategic focus, with a comprehensive approvals process for new initiatives, the identification and measurement of project benefits, and real-time, accurate measurements of performance against agreed baselines.

The Future: It Doesn’t End Here

The successful implementation and adoption of pmo365 for BPAY has delivered top-down visibility, reliable PPM processes, and insights to drive smarter and timely project investment decisions.

BPAY Group is now looking to expand pmo365, by integrating it with JIRA and using components of Microsoft’s PPM toolset to develop, manage and track different roadmaps, directly linked to the BPAY Group’s strategic pillars and objectives.

Sean Nairn

“This has been a very successful implementation. The tool is highly flexible and EPM Partners’ unique pmo365 services are first class. We have very successfully introduced a world-class PPM system that fully supports the PMO in its execution of projects at BPAY.”

Sean Nairn, Head of Product Services, BPAY Group

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