Showcasing NSW DPIE's implementation of Microsoft pmo365

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Do you work for the NSW Government? See how the Department of Planning Industry & Environment (DPIE) is utilising the government’s investment in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft pmo365 to manage its portfolio of projects to gain visibility and control.
  • See how Microsoft pmo365 is used to manage projects right, by:
    • Gaining real-time and accurate visibility and control over project portfolio information
    • Ensuring consistency in the way projects are delivered to assure projects success 
    • Delivering insights on demand on resources versus their availability.
  • See how Microsoft pmo365 is used to do the right projects, by:
    • Filling the gap between the government’s strategic outputs and outcomes and project deliverables
    • Measuring and tracking benefits and project outcome promises  
    • Prioritising initiatives and optimising their selection against available funds to produce the most value for the strategic outputs and outcomes

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Laith Adel pmo365

Laith is the lead consultant with pmo365 and the main presenter. A successful PMO leader with 20+ years of industry experience.

Business Manager, with long experience in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Maurizio specialises in automating project delivery processes. 

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