Status Review

Status Review provides a regular PMO status report with detailed updates on progress and summaries of your project’s resource allocations, budget, scope, and much more. Status Review gives stakeholders an instant and accurate picture of any project within the portfolio and highlights areas for attention with clear, insightful visual displays.

Streamline Your Status Review with pmo365

pmo365‘s Status Review workflow presents milestones and checkpoints to monitor project progress and provides up-to-the-minute, real-time updates on the performance of tasks. It monitors timelines, deliverables, resource allocations, and vital metrics including expenditure, labour hours, risk, and benefits. The flow facilitates collaboration and feedback between project teams and issues timely reminders and other notifications when action is required. As part of our fully integrated and customised project portfolio management (PPM) solution, Status Review offers tremendous flexibility and adapts to the needs of any project methodology and delivery team.

Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate enhances your pmo365 Apps with powerful ‘no-code’ workflow automations that directly integrate hundreds of popular software applications and services.

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Why Choose pmo365 for Status Review?

Status Review integrates with all your other pmo365 apps and tools (including Project Management, Resource Management, Timesheets, Procurement and Contract Governance) to provide an authoritative and detailed pmo status report. We also configure enterprise resource platforms like Oracle, SAP and Tech One to create a unified, intuitive system that supplies real-time project data at a moment’s notice.

With pmo365, all your data is kept securely in one place on your own Microsoft 365 cloud, with instant updates on project performance, best-practice collaborative tools, integrations with almost any project management app on the market, and powerful, up-to-the-minute reporting and insights generated using Microsoft’s acclaimed Business Intelligence tool, Power BI. 

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What Makes Us Different

pmo365  is not a single productivity tool, but a versatile PPM solution that provides Apps, Flows, Reports and Connectors tailored to the unique requirements of your project managers and the PMO. You select the most useful features and we develop the components according to how you want to use them. Configuration customises the solution to your needs, and project data is safely stored on your Microsoft cloud for instantaneous access across the organisation.

pmo365‘s comprehensive, fully connected platform keeps all your project management tools and information within easy reach and all stakeholders across project progress.


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Key Features of Status Review

Status Review enhances your PMO status report with these key features:


An intuitive and user-friendly interface simplifies the status review process. A logical workflow with clear instructions and navigation tools ensures users quickly understand how to access information and generate vital reporting.


Alerts and reminders ensure timely status updates, reviews, and approvals. Your stakeholders stay informed and the PMO status report stays on track.


The workflow can be aligned with your specific project requirements, organisational processes, and reporting needs. A flexible design lets you adapt your solution to different project methodologies and team preferences.


Powerful reporting capabilities built into pmo365 allow project managers and the PMO to instantly generate comprehensive, real-time status reports, metrics, and data visualisations for any aspect of project or portfolio performance. Top level insights and analysis of project data are accessed via the powerful business intelligence tools available in Microsoft Power BI.

Integrated and Collaborative

Seamless integration with all your other project management tools facilitates instantaneous data sharing, reporting, document management, and real-time collaboration between team members.

Frequently Asked Questions

A status review (or PMO status report) provides an overview of the status, progress, and performance of all projects managed by an organisation. It is typically prepared by project managers or the Project Management Office (PMO) and serves as a communication tool for stakeholders, including senior management, owners, and other relevant parties. pmo365‘s Status Review provides a regular real-time PMO status report on project progress, performance, KPIs, risk and issue management, resource allocation, and an assessment of overall project or portfolio health. It is a comprehensive view of the project portfolio which communicates information on project progress, updates, issues, and achievements, and assists decision-making by the organisation’s executive.

Without a reliable overview of projects and portfolios’ performance, organisations suffer from poor visibility, inefficient resource allocation, increased exposure to risk, stakeholder dissatisfaction, and limitations on their strategic decision-making. A robust PMO status report helps address these challenges and improves the management of every project. pmo365‘s Status Review offers:

  1. Data-driven Decision-Making: With accurate and up-to-date project information, decision-making is informed by the latest and most accurate data. This promotes effective resource allocation, project prioritisation, and the timely management of issues and risk.
  2. Improved Resource Management: Status reporting helps track resource utilisation and identify potential weaknesses in project delivery. By eliminating delays or the overutilisation of resources, project managers optimise performance.
  3. Less Exposure to Risk: A coherent and centralised status reporting framework means identified issues and risks can be closely monitored. This reduces the vulnerability of projects to delays and potential failures.
  4. Greater Stakeholder Satisfaction: Clear and transparent communication through a status review report helps stakeholders feel informed and directly involved in project progress, helping to build greater trust and cooperation.
  5. Better Portfolio Management: Status Review’s holistic view of the project portfolio helps align projects with strategic objectives, balancing resource allocation across the enterprise and optimising its portfolios.

Status Review provides centralised information, real-time updates, and transparency across all your projects and portfolios. This kind of visibility is vital for efficient communication, stakeholder collaboration, and accountability. Our workflow provides up-to-the-minute progress reporting and streamlines the review process for improved resource efficiency and the timely management of issues and risk, leading to more successful project delivery and better performance overall.

pmo365 is a fully modular system. Each App, Flow, Report or Connector easily plugs into place to build the exact real-time project portfolio management system you require. Our solution centralises project-related information and tools, and provides improved visibility across all project portfolios with the Status Review workflow. pmo365’s modular and highly customisable features means that its ability to evolve and change with your needs is built into the system – not as an afterthought. We provide tailored solutions to manage a wide range of project methodologies using the latest, best-practice collaborative tools, instantaneous data updates, and integrations of all the platforms and applications you currently use.

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pmo365‘s Solution Library offers a complete and comprehensive range of project portfolio management software. You can choose the solution that best serves your current needs and continue to explore new enhancements over time. Our subscription service means you pay only one monthly fee with absolutely no development costs or building of code from scratch.

We deploy pmo365 using Microsoft’s secure and adaptable Power Platform, so you have virtually unlimited access to new Microsoft and non-Microsoft PPM tools for life. Furthermore, once you take out a pmo365 subscription, you own the solution and all the data kept on your Microsoft 365 cloud forever – even after your subscription expires. And we’ll continue to help you to manage your service however and whenever you need it.

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