QLD Government SOA for Microsoft pmo365

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Utilise Queensland Government’s Standing Offer Arrangement for Microsoft pmo365, a Microsoft project portfolio management tool, to manage your portfolio of projects to gain visibility and control.
  • Understand the Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA) in place for Microsoft pmo365 and how you can use it for your cluster, department, agency, or office. 
  • See a demonstration of demo environment of Microsoft pmo365 for waterfall and iterative delivery methods.  
  • See how compliance and governance reports can be generated from Microsoft pmo365 without having to go through endless Excel sheets.  

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Learn directly from thought leaders within the PMO.

Laith Adel pmo365

Laith is the lead consultant with pmo365 and the main presenter. A successful PMO leader with 20+ years of industry experience.

Bill Allars

Business Manager, experienced PMO manager in both government and private sector. Bill has led many PMOs to drive optimal strategic value.

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