Asset centre is your central database and management tool for all physical assets (or tangible assets), including data about buildings, equipment, plants, machinery, vehicles, hardware, software, and licenses. pmo365‘s asset management and tracking software allows users to make updates about maintenance, inventory, or any project-related information.

With Asset Centre, organisations can:
  • Create good governance over the process of acquiring assets
  • Track asset status and condition in real-time
  • Schedule and track maintenance activities, including repairs, inspections, and replacements.
  • Integrate with Project Centre App to control investments in asset related projects, focusing on the management and tracking of financials such as funding sources, budgets, actuals, and forecasts. It also integrates with Contract Centre to control contract financials.

Streamline Your Asset Centre with pmo365

A ‘single source of truth’ for all asset managers, project managers and stakeholders is invaluable when managing physical assets. With all asset data and history easily accessible in one place, managers make informed decisions – like investing in the renewal, upgrade, or maintenance of an asset – and quickly respond to any issues that emerge over time. 

Pmo365’s real-time data means that information in Asset Centre automatically updates across all other applications used by asset owners or project managers. It also simplifies asset tracking and capital works (for upgrades, renewals, or new construction projects) and lifts the administrative burden on asset managers, project managers, and contractors so that they can concentrate on getting the job done.

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Asset Management

Why Choose pmo365 for Asset Management?

Asset management and tracking requires the logging of both physical and intangible artefacts. These include physical (and design) data, information on status, risks, issues, considerations, progress, financials, and more.

pmo365 has been developed to address all project, program, and portfolio management issues within a cohesive and integrated system. Retaining all asset information in a central location (including governance, risk, and the current condition of each asset) lets the Project Management Office (PMO), asset owners or managers, and project managers have more control and visibility than ever.

Asset Centre, as part of pmo365’s tailored Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution, lets you track all your assets, projects, and portfolios on one shared, user-friendly interface. What’s more, timely notifications, reminders, and productivity tools save valuable time and money and alert managers to the most pressing asset-related issues.

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What Makes Us Different

We’ve been building PPM solutions for over 15 years and are a Microsoft-preferred provider. Our continually growing Solution Library is the product of countless deployments to a variety of industries all around the world, including large corporations, government institutions and agencies managing Capital works, Construction, ICT, and internal business projects.

We provide a sophisticated platform built securely on your own Microsoft 365 cloud which you continue to own, even after your subscription expires. We continue to deliver with ongoing support and solution management as your organisation grows and changes. The flexibility of pmo365’s PMO project management solution means you can continue to customise tools and configure new capabilities whenever the need arises.

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Key Features of Asset Centre

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Inventory Management

Allowing organisations to track and manage all their assets in one place. This includes buildings, equipment, plants, machinery, vehicles, hardware, software, and licenses.

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Reporting and Analytics

Capabilities that allow organisations to gain insights on asset usage, performance, and cost, helping them to make informed decisions about asset optimisation and resource allocation.

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Asset Tracking

Helping organisations track the location, status, and condition of their assets.

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Project Centre App Integration

To track investments and enable governance of project work for assets

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Maintenance Management

With useful tools for asset management tracking, including the scheduling of maintenance tasks, tracking of service history, and generation of maintenance reports.

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Automatic Updates

Of asset status across the entire pmo365 platform.

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Lifecycle Management Tools

To manage assets throughout their lifecycle, from acquisition to disposal. This includes tracking depreciation, managing asset retirement, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Other Apps & Workflows

pmo365’s Solution Library contains a host of Apps, Flows, Reports and Connectors for every possible PPM function. We collaborate with you to design workflows and project methodologies that serve each stakeholder’s needs – and offer connections to over 900 Microsoft and non-Microsoft apps used in PPM solutions around the world.

pmo365 integrates with all your existing data sources to build a fully connected and customisable work environment that will grow with you and your organisation’s strategic goals.