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The Risk Centre App helps organisations systematically manage all corporate risks around organisational strategy, financial performance, operational performance, and reputation. It gives managers enhanced capabilities to mitigate risks, including incident and crisis management features, and allows tasks and responses to be allocated to appropriate team members.

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Risk Centre brings proven risk management processes to your organisation, ensuring that best practice is being followed across the business. The app identifies all internal and external risks and logs them on a centralised, shared location. Each risk has ‘medication plans’ attached which clearly outline the actions to manage and mitigate any issues that may emerge. A thorough and well-documented risk management process guarantees that issues are addressed early, and the potential effects on other parts of the business including projects and portfolios is minimised.

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Why Choose pmo365 for Risk Management?

Every organisation has a range of risks, issues, assumptions, and dependencies (RAIDs). These include risks that come from the complex task of running many projects or portfolios at once, and this is where modern software solutions are incredibly useful. However, if the right systems (automations, workflows, governance etc.) and connectors are not in place, integrating all that information becomes unworkable at scale.

pmo365 is a completely integrated environment that stores all data in a single, secure location and maintains project portfolio information in real-time across the whole operation. Consequently, pmo365’s risk management is part of an enterprise-wide system that identifies problems and provides the opportunity to quickly undertake the appropriate interventions.

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What Makes Us Different

We’ve been building PPM solutions for over 15 years and are a Microsoft-preferred provider. Our continually growing Solution Library is the product of countless deployments to a variety of industries all around the world, including large corporations, government institutions and agencies managing Capital works, Construction, ICT, and internal business projects.

We provide a sophisticated platform built securely on your own Microsoft 365 cloud which you continue to own, even after your subscription expires. We continue to deliver with ongoing support and solution management as your organisation grows and changes. The flexibility of pmo365’s PMO project management solution means you can continue to customise tools and configure new capabilities whenever the need arises.

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Key Features of Risk Centre

Extensive & Customisable Risk Logs

Detailed logs in easy-to-complete, collaborative formats which keep all stakeholders abreast of key risk information.

Instant Status Updates

Centralised data for instant sharing of log status, changes, and any actions that are being undertaken.

Best Practice

Employing the latest risk management methodologies gleaned from pmo365’s extensive research and industry experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Risk Centre is the central hub for tracking and monitoring risk and staying ahead of any known issues affecting your organisation. It assists managers to identify, assess, and manage risk, and provides project teams with clear mitigation strategies and contingency plans to minimise their impact. Risk Centre ensures that all your projects are delivered on time and on budget by putting the right provisions in place for the unexpected.

Using a centralised location to track and monitor risk, different teams can develop strong and consistent mitigation strategies for projects and portfolios to ensure that the business continues run smoothly. pmo365‘s ‘model driven’ apps like Risk Centre are built on customisable templates and configurations which quickly adapt to any methodology. Rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, our integrated risk management solution is tailored to your organisation’s unique context and working environment.

Many organisations fail to complete an adequate risk management plan. Proper risk management strategy is critical to the success of any organisation, and failing to implement one can lead to a range of negative outcomes, including:

  1. Reputational damage: Failure or major setbacks due to poor management of risks can damage the reputation of the organisation and the individuals involved.
  2. Cost overruns: Unmanaged risks can lead to unexpected expenses, which may cause projects to exceed budget.
  3. Quality issues: Risks that are not identified and managed can affect the quality of the final product, leading to stakeholder dissatisfaction.
  4. Safety hazards: Certain risks, such as safety hazards or regulatory non-compliance, can pose a threat to the health and safety of the project team and members of the public.
  5. Project delays: Project teams insufficiently prepared to handle unexpected issues or setbacks can cause delays to project delivery.

pmo365 is the ‘single source of truth’ for all your project portfolio data. With our fully integrated, centralised hub, all project timelines, tools, governance, documentation, reports and more are kept in a single, secure location within easy reach of all users. Every stakeholder knows exactly where to find the information they need to complete their tasks and stay abreast of any risks and issues affecting project delivery. They also know where they can find help when circumstances get beyond their control. pmo365 is the versatile and flexible solution for all PPM requirements with best practice tools and instantaneous updates of project data across the entire organisation.

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pmo365’s Solution Library contains a host of Apps, Flows, Reports and Connectors for every possible PPM function. We collaborate with you to design workflows and project methodologies that serve each stakeholder’s needs – and offer connections to over 900 Microsoft and non-Microsoft apps used in PPM solutions around the world.

pmo365 integrates with all your existing data sources to build a fully connected and customisable work environment that will grow with you and your organisation’s strategic goals.

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