How pmo365 works.

Fast deployment of ready-to-go packages on your own Microsoft 365 tenant, with continual enhancements to meet your unique requirements.

Understanding our PMO solution and services

pmo365 is a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution that is endorsed by Microsoft as a Preferred Solution listed in the AppSource.

Quick Start Your PPM

A fully-functioning, best-practice and ready-to-use pmo365 solution is delivered to fix business problems quickly. You gain instant visibility and control over all project portfolios.   

Continuous Alignment

We recognise that organisations are in constant flux, with changes in people, processes and technology. It demands that the PPM tools employed need continuous shaping and refinement. We make our developers accountable for ensuring pmo365 is always fit-for-purpose: providing helpful tools, with high adoption rates, and meeting essential needs of your portfolios.    

Setup your environment

Within your Microsoft 365 tenancy, your administrator will provision a new Microsoft Power Platform environment (you can also use an existing environment). This will become the home for your pmo365 service.

Deploy the solution

Deploy your pmo365 solution in up to three Power Platform environments: Development, Test and Production. Deployment can be performed by your technical staff or our Product team.

Configure and release

Iteratively configure, integrate and release pmo365 modules into your organisation, and manage the change - guaranteeing its benefits


pmo365 is a Microsoft 365 Power Platform solution.

Your Power Platform is a low code/no code business application platform designed to help you achieve more with innovative apps, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security. 

pmo365 utilises your Microsoft 365 technologies, applications and services: 

Deployed to your Microsoft 365 Cloud

pmo365 is built in Microsoft’s certified Azure data centres using Microsoft’s stunning Power Platform. It utilises PowerApps, PowerAutomate and PowerBI and integrates with Microsoft’s full suite of products such as Teams, Project, Planner, etc. With PowerAutomate, integration with a plethora of non-Microsoft applications becomes possible – such as SAP, Oracle, Jira, Ellipse and ServiceNow.  In fact, we can integrate pmo365 with just about any external data source. 

Our PPM solution contains


Web (model-driven) or mobile (Canvas) Power applications that are used by different user groups and profiles. These applications can be for project or program management, or for specific functions that include, but are not limited to: Timesheets, Ideas Submission, Payment Requests, Variation Requests, Site Inspection Cost Estimations, Budget Approvals, Portfolio Analyses, and others.


These are a set of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Microsoft Power Automate flows, built on best practice business processes. Flows supports Business Case Approval, Project Governance - Initiate, Plan, Deliver and Close, Resource Assignment, Contract/Procurement, Variation Request, Risk/Issue Escalation, and others.


Ready-to-go API connectors to Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications: SAP, TechnologyOne, Oracle, JIRA, Azure DevOps, Project, Planner, Teams, and others.


Integrated Forms and Document Templates: Business Case, Concept Brief, Project Brief, Project Plan Risk, Issue, Variation, Status, and others.


Libraries of best practice Microsoft Power BI Reports and Dashboards for all aspects of Project, Program and Portfolio Management: Status Reports, Resource Heat Maps, Financial Performance, GIS/Asset Works, Iterative Delivery Reports, Risks Rollout, Issues Rollout, Portfolio Analysis, Strategic Outcomes and Outputs, Predictive Analysis, and others.

And more

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Complete and on-going

A complete set of services that covers the initial and on-going configuration, integration, development, training and support of pmo365.


Delivered by our in-house pmo365 Product Team

Unlimited, on-going and iterative configurations, customisations, and integrations of your pmo365 solution to ensure that it addresses existing, new and emerging requirements.  The service also covers the unlimited introduction or development of new Apps, Flows, Gateways, Reports and Dashboards. 

Level 1 & 2 Support

Delivered by our in-house Operations Team

Level 1 Support is for your pmo365 end user issues such as solving usage problems and fulfilling service desk requests. If no solution at Level 1 is available, tickets are escalated to Level 2 Support for management.  

Level 2 Support is for your pmo365 administrators and IT staff. Level 2 Support remediates any issues with pmo365.


Delivered by our in-house Delivery Team

This service ensures that your pmo365 users have the skills and knowledge required to use the solution in an efficient and effective way.  It includes training and learning materials, and methods, to suit user types and provide different learning experiences. 

The pmo365 Training service is delivered through In-Person or Online Training, videos, users manuals, and online help pages.

PMO Roadmap

Satisfy your current and future business objectives

Striving for continuous improvement, we recognise that a successful implementation of pmo365 is dependent on making sure that the people, process, and technology are always aligned and relevant.  

Roadmaps are developed to plan releases of out-of-the-box functions and on-going enhancements to your pmo365 solution. These enhancements can be driven by:

3. Management Services

Services to assist PMO staff in their day-to-day tasks and responsibilities. With our management services, we grantee the project management framework is followed and optimised at all times. Resulting in you DOING PROJECTS RIGHT and DOING THE RIGHT PROJECTS.


Delivered by our in-house Delivery team.

Systematic and on-going monitoring and review of your pmo365 solution. Regular, on-going measures and activities to monitor service performance, data completeness, user buy-in and adoption, and on-going use.  It will identify training needs, application issues and process bottlenecks.  

Monitoring information is communicated to you via a set of dashboards and reports. The Delivery Team will add observations, insights, and recommended actions to Monitoring data. 

Project & Program Governance

Delivered by our in-house Delivery Team

Systematic and on-going review to ensure agreed project and program governance methodology are being utilised in accordance with your agreed standards. This service can include reviewing projects to ensure that projects are not proceeding “at risk” with required approvals or outstanding approvals. 

Project Assurance

Delivered by our in-house independent consultants.

Systematic and on-going review of projects to ensure organisational processes are being followed. Identified non-conformances will be documented and conveyed to key stakeholders for review. 

Our consultants will critically and objectively assess the health and risk profile of your projects through a simplified auditing process.

Project Manager Coaching & Mentoring

Delivered by our in-house Delivery Team

Ongoing formal and informal review sessions with Project Managers to assist them in further developing skills to provide greater value to you. This may include such things as one-on-one coaching, small group coaching, and brown bag sessions.

The coaching services will focus on competency and in-house skill development to introduce or enhance project management skills and competencies. While mentoring unlock the complex factors needed to allow professional growth of the project managers.

Master Scheduling

Delivered by dedicated schedulers.

This service involves the ongoing management of project, program and portfolio schedules to ensure a consistent view of progress is available to key stakeholders with at-risk projects being identified for further review and potential management intervention. 

Master Scheduling also includes coordinating and keeping track of different components of the project schedule such as: Inter-dependencies and time constraints.

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