How It Works?

Fast deployment of ready-to-go packages with continual enhancements that are specific to your PMO's initial and changing needs.

1. Setup your instance

Within your Microsoft 365 tenancy, your Microsoft 365 administrator will provision a new instance of Microsoft Power Platform (or use an existing instance - if it's already there), which will become the home for your pmo365 service.

2. Deploy your Package

Based on your business objectives and PPM maturity, we deploy a fully-managed and supported package specific to your industry, size and maturity. This choice is not final, and you can switch between packages at any time as requirements change.

3. Operate & Release

pmo365 will elevate the way you deliver portfolios of projects, from day-to-day project management to top-down visibility and control. It will not only support your business: it will become an integral component of project portfolio management in your organisation. Our development and operations teams work together to configure, test and integrate the service into your business, and then manage the change - guaranteeing its benefits.


Understanding Our Services

With the experience and capabilities of highly skilled people, clients tap into our industry-leading capabilities while continuously improving their own internal processes and maturity. All pmo365 services are included in the fixed monthly fee.


On-going pmo365 package configurations, and integrations with other data sources ensures that pmo365 service meets your on-going requirements.  Configurations cover changing the package and introducing new apps, features and functions.  We incorporate best-practices, industry standards, and lessons-learned from other PMOs.


We provide users with the skills and knowledge required to use our PPM tools in an efficient and effective way. We provide the training, learning materials and methods to suit different industries and provide fit-for-purpose learning experiences.


Two levels of support which are governed by strict SLAs. Level 1 is for for fixing end users’ usage problems. If there is no Level 1 solution, tickets are escalated to Level 2 – a service for administrators and IT staff. Level 2 support also covers any issues with pmo365 that are attributable to the technology components.


Administration covers the day-to-day upkeep and reliable operation of your service. It ensures that the up-time, performance, resources, and security of the platform meet the needs of its users and stakeholders.


The systematic and on-going monitoring and review of each customer’s pmo365 service to scrutinise service performance, data completeness, user buy-in and adoption, and on-going use.  Monitoring will identify training needs, application issues and process bottlenecks and is invaluable for effective change management.


The Roadmap service ensures that your service is always delivering the desired business objectives, and new business objectives as they arise. Together with the Enhancements service, you can make changes to, and add to, your configurations to meet the changing demands.

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Microsoft Gold Partner
“This has been a successful implementation. We have very successfully introduced a world-class PPM system that fully support the PMO in its execution of projects at BPAY.”
Sean Nairn

Microsoft's 365 Cloud

pmo365 is built in Microsoft’s certified Azure data centres using Microsoft’s stunning Power Platform.  It utilises PowerApps, PowerAutomate and PowerBI and integrates with Microsoft’s full suite of other work-management products (such as Teams, Project, Planner, etc.)  With PowerAutomate, integration with a plethora of  other applications becomes possible – such as SAP, Oracle, Jira, Ellipse and ServiceNow.  In fact, we can integrate pmo365 with just about any external data source.


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