Project integration management uses Data Connectors to synchronise data between all ERPs and applications. Connectors provide seamless integrations of pmo365’s project management tools and every other source of data – including enterprise financial systems, resource management tools, site reports, and spreadsheets. Integrated, real-time data from across the entire organisation fosters collaboration and delivers marked efficiency gains.

Project Integration Management Made Easy

pmo365 is deployed to your own Microsoft 365 tenant using Microsoft’s versatile Power Platform. Your PMO Connectors let you integrate over 900 Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications to tailor the perfect solution for your project management requirements.

Teamwork and communication is vastly improved with collaborative apps and tools delivering instant updates on project activity. For large project portfolios, this kind of working environment is essential. It provides greater consistency and accountability, and the visibility to manage all projects and portfolios effectively.

What are PMO Data Connections & Connectors?

Pre-built interfaces on The Microsoft Power Platform securely connect and interact with external systems. pmo365 employs Connectors to incorporate a wide variety of applications and services, including most popular PPM tools. Seamless data exchange in either, or both, directions allows users to automate tasks and generate reporting with ease. Project integration management streamlines processes and gets all your project departments on the same page.

Our Project Management Connections

Enterprise Resource Planning

pmo365‘s integrations allow you to integrate popular Enterprise Resource Planning software directly into your solution. Platforms like Ellipse, Financeone, Oracle and SAP are configured alongside your PPM apps and tools for fast and seamless access to information.

Microsoft Product Integrations

pmo365‘s Connectors open the door to a host of powerful Microsoft integration apps that help you manage data across your portfolios. Our solutions combine cutting-edge Microsoft and non-Microsoft apps and tools to build streamlined, integrated project teams for data-driven project management.

Project Management Integrations

pmo365‘s integrations allow you to configure most project management platforms to manage your workflows and collateral. Project management integrations include popular platforms like Salesforce, ServiceNow and Jira.

Resource Management Software Integrations

Optimising resource utilisation with pmo365 is straightforward: we offer best-practice apps and tools from our extensive library and integrations with popular Resource Management system software to match your project teams’ ways of working.

Getting Started with pmo365

Learn more about project management connections and the benefits of choosing pmo365. Select from our Self-Managed, Co-Managed or Fully-Managed subscription levels and change your subscription at any time for project integration management that is uniquely configured for your needs.

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Benefits of PMO System App Integration

Enhanced Data Accuracy & Consistency

Centralised information and real-time data ensures  stakeholders have access to the most reliable and up-to-date project portfolio information. Users collaborate on time-saving apps and tools to speed up business functions and enhance efficiency.

Reliable and consistent governance is made possible with best-practice approvals processes, templates, and status updates. 

Improved Efficiency & Productivity

Integrated project portfolio management with pmo365 improves connections between project managers and stakeholders, and offers real-time visibility across projects and portfolios.

With the aid of business intelligence tools, dashboards, and data analysis, you gain  instant feedback, stronger collaboration, and informed decision-making in accordance with the organisation’s strategic goals.

Real-Time Visibility & Reporting Capabilities

Smooth integration creates seamless data flow across all systems and departments. Financial tools, payments,  contracts, and much more are all within easy reach of your project managers. Comprehensive insights and metrics improve PMO reporting and deliver instant snapshots of project performance from every perspective.

Notifications and alerts also ensure unexpected developments are swiftly addressed using well-articulated response and mitigation plans.

Seamless Collaboration & Communication

A centralised platform for all project portfolio-related activity is your ‘single source of truth’ for the latest information. Project integration management processes vastly improve knowledge-sharing and prevent important data getting lost on local apps and hard drives.

Stakeholders have access to the latest data, documents, and discussion from anywhere. Your projects have stronger accountability, transparency, and governance – and shared apps and tools bring better teamwork, stronger engagement, and more successful project delivery overall.

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Get a Free Demo of pmo365

Why Choose pmo365?

Why Choose pmo365?

pmo365 is a comprehensive, all-in-one project portfolio management solution that manages all project data in one location and in real-time. Using the vast capabilities of the Microsoft Power Platform, pmo365 connects all project management applications and sources of data into one highly adaptable work environment to cater for every requirement and project methodology.

Managers and teams have instant access to the latest project performance indicators, as well as fast, informative strategic analysis tools to help you ‘do the right projects and do projects right.

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Getting Started with pmo365

Ask for a free trial to see how pmo365 tailors a solution for your project portfolio. With a single monthly subscription you rapidly acquire all the functionality you need with a versatile, user-friendly platform configured to your exact requirements. With pmo365 there is no writing of code and no overheads. pmo365 connects with all your existing applications and tools, and supplies a comprehensive library of PPM tools to help you efficiently streamline project management operations.

Contact us today to find out how pmo365 has made a significant difference to thousands of project portfolios in industries all around the world.

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