pmo365‘s Resource Management workflow offers a real-time, flexible solution that brings all your resource allocation information under one umbrella. It is essential for organisations managing multiple projects and portfolios, enabling you to make reliable projections of capacity based on current (or expected) supply and demand. The workflow integrates with pmo365‘s real-time reporting and dashboards to monitor progress in project tasks, and helps you manage risk with reliable indicators of performance. The Project Management Office (PMO), project managers, and stakeholders all benefit from understanding exactly where enterprise resources are being deployed at any time along the project or portfolio’s lifecycle. 

Streamline Your Resource Management with pmo365

Resource Management lets you manage resource requests and approvals for all projects, from the initiation stage right through to delivery. The workflow assists in the allocation of labour and non-labour resources to new projects, it can issue bulk assignments to teams (pools), as well as create variation requests to alter allocations if requirements change. A single workflow provides seamless control over all your resource requirements and acquisition details across the entire portfolio. 

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Budget Approval

Why Choose pmo365 for Resource Management?

The Resource Management workflow integrates directly with all your other pmo365 apps (including Timesheets, Contract and Risk Management, and third-party enterprise reporting platforms). With Resource Management you can tailor your pmo365 solution for the internal and external logic you require. It identifies skillsets and particular talents and intuitively makes staffing suggestions based on the skills required. It also suggests alternative plans when conflicts arise, comparing resources requested against those currently available even while projects are in progress.   



What Makes Us Different

pmo365 is not a single productivity tool, but a versatile PPM solution that provides the best Apps, Flows, Reports and Connectors tailored to the unique requirements of your project managers and the PMO. You select the most useful features and we develop the components according to how you want to use them. Configuration customises the solution to your needs, and project data is safely stored on your Microsoft cloud for instantaneous access across the organisation.

pmo365s comprehensive, fully connected platform keeps all your project management tools and information within easy reach and all stakeholders reliably informed of project progress.

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Key Features of Resource Management

The Procurement and Contract Governance workflow provides: 

  • The automation of resource assignment to new work activities, including new project tasks.
  • Manual or automatic escalations of available resources to perform tasks (including variation requests) for rapid response.
  • Bulk assignments of resources for activities requiring working teams (or ‘pools’ of talent)
  • A comprehensive logic for each proposed assignment.
  • The ability to implement project resource management on non-labour items (e.g. equipment and materials)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Other Apps & Workflows

pmo365‘s Solution Library offers a complete and comprehensive range of project portfolio management software. You can choose the solution that best serves your current needs and continue to explore new enhancements over time. Our subscription service means you pay only one monthly fee with absolutely no development costs or building of code from scratch.

We deploy pmo365 using Microsoft’s secure and adaptable Power Platform, so you have virtually unlimited access to new Microsoft and non-Microsoft PPM tools for life. Furthermore, once you take out a pmo365 subscription, you own the solution and all the data kept on your Microsoft 365 cloud forever – even after your subscription expires. And we’ll continue to help you to manage your service however and whenever you need it.