Resource Management is about scheduling the deployment of your organisation’s assets to maximise strategic goals. Resources are anything that gets your projects done – be that personnel, finances, equipment, materials, or specialist skills.

pmo365 is about optimising resource allocation with best-practice apps and tools from our extensive library, and integrations of popular Resource Management system software. We find the solution that matches your project teams’ ways of working with a fully customisable system built on the vast capabilities of the Microsoft Power Platform.  

We configure Resource Management applications – like Smartsheets, Saviom, Trello and Jira – for fast and seamless exchange of project information. pmo365 lets you decide how your sources of data will interact and taps into the most effective PPM tools currently available. 

Streamline Your Resource Integration Management with pmo365

Connectors offer a fast and robust way to bring Resource Management software integrations into your pmo365 solution. Our developers create a seamless, real-time data exchange by connecting all important sources of project information into one centralised location. You’re able to link key functions like financial management, assignment of tasks, assets, timesheets, contracts, and much more into a ‘single source of truth’ with enterprise-wide visibility across all portfolios.

pmo365 facilitates data driven decision-making around resource management with real-time updates of information and a collaborative work environment bringing together project tasks and teams. 

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Why Choose pmo365?

Why Choose pmo365 for Your Integrated Resource Management System?

pmo365’s Connectors allow you to integrate over 900 PPM apps and tools. These include powerful Resource Management services like Jira that you may already be using for vital business functions. With pmo365, you leverage the benefits and familiarity of all your existing platforms, whilst gaining access to a comprehensive library of best practice apps and tools. We build an integrated environment that is fully customisable to facilitate data-driven decision-making and efficient project delivery.  

What’s more, pmo365 subscription developers are on-hand when you need them to manage further customisations and integrations as your needs change and grow. Every organisation has unique requirements, and pmo365 delivers the most versatile PPM solution you could ask for – with real-time data connections and streamlined workflows to suit every industry.

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What Makes Us Different

pmo365 is not an off-the-shelf software service, but a library of best practice Apps, Flows, Reports, and Connectors carefully tailored to the synchronisation and management requirements of your project managers and the PMO. Configuration customises PPM apps and tools to your needs, and project data is safely stored on your Microsoft 365 tenancy for instantaneous access across the organisation.

pmo365 also gives you access to a host of third-party software services, leveraging the versatility of the Power Platform to connect hundreds of PPM apps and tools for seamless visibility and control across the enterprise. We build the solution for your users with a fully-connected platform that keeps all project teams and stakeholders on the same page.

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Key Features of an Integrated Resource Management System

Resource Management applications like Trello, Saviom and offer helpful features like these that aid in resource planning and project scheduling. 

Resource Allocation Tools

The ability to automatically assign resources to projects based on availability and future demand, preventing over/underutilisation of resources, and optimising project plans.

Project Tracking

Resource availability and utilisation is closely monitored against project delivery. pmo365's real-time data environment enables dynamic adjustments and timely responses to emerging issues.

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Capacity Planning

Forecasting capabilities let you model scenarios and predict future resource requirements based on projected demand and enterprise capacity. Some applications even assist you to recruit additional skills when required.

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Skills Matching

The ability to match staffing skills with project requirements for better assignment of tasks and more successful project delivery.

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Financial Insights

The ability to perform cost analysis to inform resource utilisation reports and project budgeting.

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Collaboration Tools

Helpful visualisations like Gantt charts, approval workflows, and notifications foster seamless collaboration and cut down on unnecessary meetings and emails.

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Reporting and Insights

Resource utilisation reports, project/portfolio health checks, and business insights are included in many applications. With pmo365, you gain the powerful business intelligence capabilities of Microsoft’s Power BI pre-built into your solution.

By automating and monitoring resource management with these tools, as part of a pmo365 solution, you improve your project planning while eliminating bottlenecks and delays for maximum return. 

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Our Other Apps & Workflows

pmo365 utilises versatile Microsoft’s Power Automate connectors to create automations for any business process. PowerApps are bundled with a Microsoft 365 plan and allow limitless ‘low code/no code’ automations of all your PPM functions. 

Power Automate makes things smooth for project management, letting you connect to and from virtually any app or data source. You can, for example, capture a lead in your CRM platform and bring it in to your Microsoft Dynamics integration to be nurtured. You can build a project in Jira and have its processes integrate directly with your company financials for informed reporting and decision-making.

We also configure multi-step flows across different apps using pre-built templates. pmo365 lets you perform complex PPM business tasks with ease. There are, in fact, endless possibilities for your organisation. To find out how we can assist your project portfolio management, book a free demo with one of our experts today.