The pmo365 Risk Management workflow assists in the identification and management of risks from project initiation right through to delivery and closure. Risk Management develops contingency and mitigation plans so project teams are well prepared to deal with any issues that may arise during project delivery.   

Streamline Your Risk Management with pmo365

pmo365‘s integrated platform seamlessly connects project teams to create comprehensive contingency and mitigation plans that limit the impacts of issues along the project delivery timeline. Best practice RAID logs work together with real-time updates and monitoring tools to instantly trigger a response whenever potential threats are discovered. Risk Management increases the likelihood of successful project delivery and ensures expected returns are preserved when the organisation faces challenges in project delivery.

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Why Choose pmo365 for Risk Management?

pmo365‘s contingency and mitigation plans ensure that your project teams are well-prepared for the emergence of issues in project delivery at any time. Our PMO risk management workflow assists in thoroughly identifying risk factors in smaller projects and provides a clear and detailed plan of action for project teams whenever a response is required. It also lets you create enterprise level alerts when the risk escalates to other projects and portfolios.

pmo365’s fully connected project portfolio management system continuously monitors risk across all departments in real time and provides the reassurance and unmatched visibility that is essential for effectively managing large and interdependent portfolios.


What Makes Us Different

pmo365 is not a separate PMO risk management tool, but an integrated, versatile solution that customises Apps, Flows, Reports and Connectors to the needs of project managers and the PMO. 

Risk management is an all-of-enterprise task that requires fully connected project management tools. Configuration of pmo365 puts critical  information and risk management data within easy reach of project teams and stakeholders and improves visibility for better reporting and faster response times.

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Key Features of Risk Management

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Risk Identification

A user-friendly interface allows for easy creation, editing and updating of issues information with descriptions, categories, priorities, and assigned responsibilities to project team members.

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Contingency Planning

Risk mitigation strategies and response plans with clear documentation, accountabilities, and employee guidelines.

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Risk Assessment

Logical, methodical assessments of all risks and their potential impact on the organisation.

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Risk Monitoring and Reporting

Capabilities to monitor and track risk throughout the project lifecycle with regular monitoring of performance and crystal clear reporting for presentation to key stakeholders.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Other Apps & Workflows

pmo365‘s Solution Library offers a complete and comprehensive range of project portfolio management software. You can choose the solution that best serves your current needs and continue to explore new enhancements over time. Our subscription service means you pay only one monthly fee with absolutely no development costs or building of code from scratch.

We deploy pmo365 using Microsoft’s secure and adaptable Power Platform, so you have virtually unlimited access to new Microsoft and non-Microsoft PPM tools for life.

Furthermore, once you take out a pmo365 subscription, you own the solution and all the data kept on your Microsoft 365 cloud forever – even after your subscription expires. And we’ll continue to help you to manage your service however and whenever you need it.