pmo365 offers a range of analytical reporting formats, and customisable, user-friendly dashboards for every project management role. pmo365 reports provide clear and insightful visualisations, with information and modelling of data for every kind of presentation. Your PMO dashboard provides high visibility across all your projects and portfolios and instant notifications when action is required. Reports and Dashboards are also interactive; they can be configured for every PPM function and are accessible on any screen – including mobiles and tablets. Useful templates and user-defined formats automate the process of gathering data, without the hassle of reconciling different formats and applications.

What are PMO Reports & Dashboards?

Project Management Office (PMO) Reports and Dashboards are high-level management tools that provide a comprehensive overview of project portfolio performance. They make key metrics, trends, and insights available in the most informative and visually appealing format for key stakeholders. Professional Reports and Dashboards monitor your project status, track progress, and assess the overall health of projects and portfolios. They assist in resource allocation, risk management, project prioritisation, governance, and help drive strategic, data-driven thinking about project success.


Our pmo365 Reports

Contract and Vendor

Contract management in PMO reporting involves monitoring and evaluating contract compliance and vendor engagements over the lifecycle of each project. pmo365 streamlines this process by consolidating contract-related data, tracking deliverables, and automating reporting with reliable real-time data.

Data Analysis

A Data Analysis Project Report provides comprehensive analysis and guidance around resource allocation, prioritisation, and risk. The report is generated with Microsoft Power BI and provides valuable insights into project performance using consolidated data from all projects and portfolios.


PMO financial reporting involves tracking and reporting financial data related to your project portfolio. It includes budgeting and financial reporting, information on expenditure, cost variances, and financial forecasts.

Project Benefits

Benefit tracking and reporting in project portfolio management (PPM) is the process of monitoring and evaluating the actual benefits achieved from each investment. It compares expected outcomes with actual results and reports on discrepancies.

Resource Allocation

The Project Resource dashboard and reports available in pmo365 help you optimise resource distribution across projects and generate reliable snapshots of utilisation for stakeholders at a moment’s notice.

RAID Report

The project risk management report (RAID Report) generally stands for Risks, Assumptions, Issues, and Dependencies. It's a document that consolidates all the critical factors impacting a project or portfolio.

Status Report

Your Project Status report is a visual representation of key project management metrics and performance indicators created with Microsoft’s acclaimed Power BI tool.

Time Reporting

Project timeline reporting lets you visualise project schedules and milestones to track progress and identify potential delays.

Timesheet Compliance

The Timesheets App tracks and records the amount of time spent by individuals on various tasks and projects and is useful, not only for ensuring agreed hours of work, but also for providing data on how much time and resources are required for different tasks.

Getting Started with pmo365

Find out how pmo365‘s outstanding PPM solutions have helped all types of industry – from local councils and government agencies to construction, manufacturing, farming, heavy industry, mining, and more. pmo365’s versatile and user-focussed platform is designed for easy adoption and scales up as your organisational requirements grow.

pmo365 solution is completely customisable, owned by you, and securely maintained on your Microsoft 365 cloud. Choose from self-managed, co-managed, and fully-managed options, and switch your level of subscription at any time. What’s more, the entire solution and all its data remains in your control, even after your subscription expires. pmo365 is the adaptable solution that connects virtually every PPM source of data for fast, real-time, and accurate reporting across all your portfolios.

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Benefits of PMO Reports & Dashboards

pmo365‘s Reports and Dashboards are generated using Microsoft’s leading Power BI (business intelligence) software to provide informative snapshots of project portfolio activities. Power BI’s easy-to-read and interactive visualisations of enterprise data download in a wide range of reporting formats. Templates are customisable to suit the requirements of each user, project information is updated in real-time, and pmo365‘s connectors let you point your BI tool at virtually any other dataset to incorporate it into your analysis. With pmo365, PMO Reports and Dashboards acquire:

  • Unified organisational views and data modelling.
  • Automated visualisations that transform data into the most compelling format for each function.
  • A ‘community marketplace/gallery’ for users to generate their own data views.
  • Data prep tools to speed the process of cleaning, structuring and enriching raw data for analysis.
  • Fast, automated, insightful analysis to explain changes in performance.

Streamlined Project Management

pmo365’s Reporting and pmo dashboard allows integration of data from multiple sources, including pmo365 project portfolio management tools and any number of connected apps, spreadsheets, CRMs, ERPs, and more. Consolidating data into a single, unified view, eliminates errors and time spent on manual data gathering, and enables fast, accurate real-time reporting and insights.

Enhanced Decision Making

pmo365’s automated data visualisations and customisable dashboards let you present superior progress presentation reports. Intiutive and interactive tools enable users to generate fast, informative snapshots  to monitor project progress, track key performance indicators, and update project status for all stakeholders. 

Furthermore, data analysis capabilities in Power BI let you look deeper into data sets and identify trends or patterns around critical factors like resource allocation, risk, project performance, and ROI.

Improved Resource Allocation

Actionable insights and data-driven decision-making enable project managers to more effectively analyse resource usage, identify bottlenecks, and forecast future resource needs. pmo365’s Reports and Dashboards provide visibility across the entire portfolio to help you manage resource availability, skills, workloads, current capacity, and future planning.

Optimising resource allocation and improving the balance of resources across all projects helps to minimise conflicts, plan ahead, and ultimately deliver more successful projects.

Features of PMO Reports & Dashboards

Real-time Data Visualisations

Fast and informative snapshots of project data through visual representations, such as charts, graphs, and dashboards let project teams and stakeholders view project progress in real-time, with up-to-the-minute insights on key metrics.

Real-time data visualisations convey complex analysis in an easy, actionable format for informed decision-making, proactive monitoring, and a strategic approach to project delivery.

Customisable Dashboards

Customisable dashboards allow more personalised views by letting users arrange and display key data according to their specific needs and preferences. Project managers can select from visual formats, such as charts, graphs, tables, and maps – or let Power BI create the best representation of the data in view.

You can also apply filters, drill down into details, and customise the appearance of each display, helping project managers and the PMO dashboard focus on what’s most important.

Comprehensive & In Depth Reporting

The integration of all project portfolio data into ‘a single source of truth’ enables more timely analysis and accurate reporting. Project managers can access detailed reports on status, milestones, resource allocation, financials, or any other key metrics, without having to continually source data from employees engaged in project tasks. With less administrative time spent chasing data, PMOs can focus on strategic analysis using Power BI’s industry-leading Business Intelligence tools.

Automated data modelling, preparation, and visualisations make the management of large data sets much simpler. Intuitive commands communicate issues and progress updates to the executive faster, with easy-to-understand formatting for timely, informed decision-making and better returns on investment.

Downloadable Internal Dashboards & Reports

With pmo365, project team reports and the PMO dashboard are easily downloaded into any format suitable for distribution. Enjoy fewer (and shorter) project update meetings using real-time collaboration and feedback in Power BI. The Power Platform’s comprehensive data management service enhances communication and empowers decision-making right across the enterprise, including mobile applications for accessing project reports and dashboards on-the-go.

How pmo365 Enhances Your Reporting & Dashboard Experience

pmo365 Reports and Dashboards offer:

  • Interactive and visually appealing representations of project information with automatic data preparation and modelling.
  • The ability to instantly track key organisational metrics, identify trends, and communicate insights to the executive.
  • Real-time updates of all project portfolio information for high-level visibility across all organisational activities.
  • Easy-to-use customisation options for all users and requirements.
  • Industry leading business intelligence tools in Power BI allowing the PMO to focus on data-driven decision-making and optimised performance across all projects and portfolios.
Why Choose pmo365?

Why Choose pmo365?

pmo365 is a comprehensive, all-in-one project portfolio management solution that brings project teams together in a singe, real-time working environment. Using the vast capabilities of the Microsoft Power Platform, pmo365 connects all sources of data into one highly adaptable, collaborative work environment that caters to every requirement and project methodology.

Project managers and teams have instant access to the latest performance indicators with fast and informative strategic analysis to help you ‘do the right projects and do projects right.’

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Getting Started with pmo365

Get a free trial to see how pmo365 can tailor a solution for your project portfolio. With a single monthly subscription you can rapidly acquire all the functionality you need with a versatile, user-friendly platform. With pmo365 there is no writing of code and no overheads. pmo365 connects with all your existing applications and tools, and supplies a comprehensive library of PPM tools to help you efficiently streamline all project management operations. Contact us today to find out how pmo365 has made a significant difference to thousands of project portfolios in industries all around the world.

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