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For government agencies, hearing a project overshooting it’s budget and incurring massive delays is one of the worst news you could get when you are using taxpayers money. Sadly, this bad news is becoming more and more frequent. While projects are frequently failing to hit the mark, there is a greater demand for efficiency with added expectations for transparency and accountability. All this occurring while budgets are getting tighter and resources dwindling.

But it’s not all doom and gloom for government agencies. pmo365 is here to help!

How does pmo365 help government agencies?

Visibility and Control

Giving you complete visibility and control over their portfolio through real-time integrated systems that allow you to optimise your portfolio.

Unique needs of your organisation

Advising the level of benefits management needed to suit the the unique needs of your organisation

Automating project governance processes

Implementing and automating your project governance processes to improve overall accountability and transparency within the organisation without much added effort.

Complete processes, systems and tool integration.

Integrating all your processes, systems and tools onto your pre-existing premise so you don’t have to retrain your teams to completely new systems.

Do the right projects

Making sure you choose the right projects, right methods and right people to make the most out of your portfolio.

Training, learning material and support service

Providing training, learning material and support service from beginning to end to make sure your teams use pmo365 in the most efficient and effective way.

What are the benefits of PPM for government organisations?

As government agencies pursue increased accountability, flexibility and control to optimise their portfolios, adopting Project Portfolio Management (PPM) systems and processes has become the favored solution. There are hundreds of ways PPM systems can improve your processes, but a few primary benefits for government agencies include:

Complete visibility and control over your portfolio

One of the biggest reasons why projects fail is due to a lack of visibility and control from key decision makers. Without a proper PPM system that gives updates and notices in real-time, decision makers are often notified much too late about projects that are bleeding out. Effective PPM systems make sure you can identify these issues easily early on and make decisions that will optimise your portfolio.

Improving stakeholder communication and management

With the increased demand for cross-boundary projects and accountability, it is becoming more important than ever to be able to effectively communicate and collaborate with people across the board. Having an integrative system that standardizes and integrates information from different external sources is key as not all stakeholders will be using the same systems, tools and applications.

Bringing flexibility to bureaucracy

One of the unfortunate stereotypes given to government agencies is their inefficient and long-winded bureaucratic processes that are resource heavy and time consuming. But your organisation can prove them wrong with an effective PPM system. PPM systems like pmo365 update in real-time and gather all your relevant processes - from resource management, cost management, schedule management and many more - on one single platform so you can make quick and informed decisions. Even better, we automate all your approval processes so you don’t have to send endless emails and book meetings. Get approval with the click of a button. We help give you the flexibility on both strategic and on-the-ground levels so all your resources are being optimised.

Fostering Innovation

Government agencies are always looking for new and innovative ways to bring better services and cut down costs. From information and communication technological innovations to new processing systems, any new idea can help save taxpayers money. An effective PPM system helps foster a collaborative environment and implement systems that allow for the efficient gathering, selection and execution of the projects that bring the best value.

Unique Challenges for PPM in government agencies

So what are some of the unique challenges government organisations may come across and how does pmo365 solve them?

Highly regulated environments

Government agencies often have complex legal and regulatory constraints. As a result, many organisations have adopted a ‘common minimum’ approach through which only the most modest of changes are implemented. However, with pmo365, you no longer have to resign to modest projects. With our integrative system and risk management tools, we are able to help you easily identify compliance requirements which can apply to the proposed project and make the most of the resources available. Don't let a lack of visibility and control stop your organization from making impactful change.

Ingrained processes and tools

Due to the bureaucratic hoops that projects have to go through to get approved, most changes made in governments tend to be incremental and as a result maintain specific processes and tools. The task of completely overhauling an entire department or agency may seem like a costly and time-consuming effort without much value. Not only that, many staff members will be left disorientated by the changes. With pmo365, we can integrate all your systems, apps and tools on your pre-existing premise so you don’t have to completely start from from scratch. We also provide all the training, learning materials and methods to up-skill your users to use pmo365 in the most efficient and effective way.

Change-averse cultures

With laws being hard to change and processes being kept largely insular, government agencies tend to foster change-averse cultures. Implementing a new PPM system may seem too daunting a task and change as PPM approaches often push for the big change from functional-centered to project-centered business structure. At pmo365, we are no stranger to this problem and understand it may take time. That’s why we are always there to support you from beginning to end with training, tools and support services to make the transition as smooth as possible.

PPM from start to end for government agencies

pmo365 supports all your PPM activities from start to end - but what might that look like? Here’s a little snapshot by following the typical project lifecycle stages - Initiation, planning, execution and close.

Project Initiation Stage

Projects all start with an idea and an innovation to solve a problem. Your organisation wants to foster a culture of innovation and get ideas rolling that can turn into a potentially valuable project for the organisation.

To do so efficiently and effective, pmo365 helps with your project pipeline process. We help simplify your idea gathering process through the Ideas App, provide all critical tools that help you evaluate ideas and streamline approval processes through automatic decision-gates so these projects can get started. Importantly, we help implement systems that properly categorize and store great ideas that just didn’t have the right timing or funding so you don't lose valuable ideas you can push in the future.

We also offer the ability to implement a benefits management framework from the initiation stage so you can directly visualise and align the strategic value and benefits of your proposed ideas. Don’t wait until the completion of a project to understand its value.

We want to make sure you pick the right ideas to solve the right problems by starting the right projects.

Project Initiation Stage

Planning and estimations is one of the biggest challenges for all organisations. Firstly, you need to have access to all kinds of information to make proper estimations, but often they can be from different departments requiring extra time to communicate and gather the data. From costs, resources, schedules and more, asking for this information from every single team would be a big waste of valuable time and resources.

With pmo365, we integrate all those processes and data onto one single platform to give easy access to all the necessary data. We also have useful predictive and calculation tools which allow you to make easy adjustments to your projections for better accuracy.

Project Execution Stage

The real-time nature of pmo365’s PPM system will really shine in this stage. The project has gone through all the approvals and planning and is now ready to hit the ground running.

But we know that setting ground rules is always important and that’s why we truly value project governance. Project governance is the infrastructure that surrounds your projects and aims to clearly define responsibility, accountability and mechanism of oversight for projects. It’s main goal is to increase the success rates of projects by giving key stakeholders complete visibility and control over their portfolio of projects. Too often are teams left scrambling for leadership and approvals in unexpected circumstances because they do not have proper governance structures laid out. But manually keeping track of everyone's activities and responsibilities is not practical either. With pmo365, we completely automate your governance lifecycle, from business cases, budget approvals, design reviews, resource assignment, issues and risks escalation, all the way to contract or procurement management through robotic process automation (RPA).

One of the biggest challenges for government agencies is cost management. Due to a lack of integration between organisation’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and the project execution team, proper visualisation of cost actuals, projections and budgets can often be skewed. Key decision makers, due to limited visibility, end up either pulling the plug too early or much too late leading to wasted resources. We help make that critical integration between your ERP systems and project teams so you don’t lose that valuable information.

Even more, we integrate and gather all your necessary processes and tools onto a single platform - from risk management, schedule management, resource management and more, so you have the most detailed image of the project actuals in real-time. To top it all off, we can connect you to pretty much any other external data source so you don’t have to worry about migrating your processes to new platforms. We have this all to make your project monitoring and intervention as easy and smooth as possible.

“This has been a successful implementation. We have very successfully introduced a world-class PPM system that fully support the PMO in its execution of projects at BPAY.”
Sean Nairn

Project Closure and Handover Stage

Your project is complete but governance doesn’t just end here. Oftentimes projects are handed over to other teams, typically in operations or benefits management, who will continue to monitor, evaluate and maintain the project when necessary. The worst thing that could happen is that valuable information is not carried through to the right people. With pmo365, your handover process is smooth and fuss-free as we integrate and standardise all information across your organisation so no valuable information will ever be lost. Additionally, we can link all your project progress and benefits back to your overall portfolio through our portfolio analysis tools and support.

Still want to know more about how we can help government agencies? Make sure to book a free 30 minute PPM audit and speak directly with our PPM experts.

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