The project risk management report (RAID Report) monitors the Risks, Assumptions, Issues, and Dependencies that could affect project delivery. Our PMO RAID Report consolidates all the critical factors impacting projects and actions taken to mitigate them, and is especially useful for large and complex portfolios where crucial information can get lost. 

The effectiveness of your RAID Report and the organisation’s ability to monitor performance is a critical aspect of project portfolio management. Proactive risk management and a good understanding of each project’s context is key to delivering successful outcomes and meeting organisational objectives. 

Streamline Your RAID Report with pmo365

pmo365 streamlines the creation of the RAID report with a common platform to log detailed information on project risks, assumptions, issues, and dependencies. With customisable templates and real-time updates, pmo365 makes the generation of RAID reports easy and straightforward, with centralised collaboration tools for stakeholders to contribute updates directly. Additionally, pmo365’s enterprise-wide data analysis helps you to identify trends and respond to issues quickly, with automated alerts and robust mitigation plans put in place from the start. Streamlined risk management saves time and saves money by keeping all stakeholders aware of their responsibilities in managing risk.

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Why Choose pmo365 for Your RAID Reports?

pmo365 builds a shared, real-time platform which allows the organisation to store and access all RAID documentation in one place. Your RAID report is always consistently prepared and up to date. Templates make it easy for project teams to classify and manage all the factors that may impact project delivery, with customisable features that assign responsibilities and create detailed plans to mitigate issues as they arise.

With pmo365, users are made aware of their role in risk management and understand how to escalate issues which pose a threat elsewhere. With pmo365, you manage all project artifacts in one place and monitor performance metrics in real-time. Integrated apps and built-in communication tools mean that vital RAID information is available to all stakeholders instantly.

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What Makes Us Different

pmo365 is not a ‘one size fits all’ software service, but a versatile library of best practice Apps, Flows, Reports and Connectors. We discuss your goals to tailor a solution that improves the efficiency and performance of project teams, with PPM apps and tools configured to your organisation’s unique context and requirements.

pmo365‘s comprehensive, fully connected platform keeps RAID data within easy reach at all times. It streamlines workflows and creates schedules that incorporate all the documentation necessary to manage important aspects of project delivery. Notifications and alerts provide invaluable guidance, especially when teams are facing unexpected events. Our integrated solution makes sure all risks, assumptions, issues and dependencies are clearly articulated, so everyone knows what to do when things don’t go to plan.

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Key Features of pmo365’s RAID Reports

pmo365 offers customers essential project risk management features, including: 

Centralised Data

A single platform to consolidate and access RAID data across all portfolios, providing an enterprise-level view of risks, assumptions, issues, and dependencies.

Real-time Updates

Automatic synchronisation of project reporting data ensures the PMO RAID report reflects the very latest project status.

Customisable Template

Pre-defined RAID templates enable consistent reporting across all projects whilst retaining the flexibility to tailor reports to specific project requirements.

Power BI Visualisations

Fast and informative graphic representations and charts via Microsoft’s Power BI business intelligence tools aid in understanding and communicating complex information around projects and portfolios.

Collaboration Tools

pmo365’s interactive project management tools allow stakeholders to share information and facilitate input from multiple stakeholders, enhancing data accuracy and comprehensive risk assessment.

Business Intelligence

Data analytics via Power BI provides the capabilities identify trends and patterns, supporting data-driven decision-making and improving risk mitigation strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

The RAID report helps teams identify potential obstacles in project delivery, outlining all assumptions made during planning, addressing current challenges, and managing interdependencies with other tasks or teams. The report ensures proactive management of threats and promotes effective decision-making around unexpected issues for more successful project delivery.

A project risk management report in pmo365 is developed with proven and consistent processes to identify, classify, assign responsibility, and develop appropriate mitigation strategies. The PMO RAID report covers all risks, project assumptions, issues and dependencies to create a comprehensive and concise document for each project.

pmo365 makes the creation of RAID reports by project teams simple – with centralised data, streamlined communication, and real-time collaboration between team members in project management apps and tools. Your solution delivers maximum visibility across  all project risks, assumptions, issues, and dependencies and fosters proactive decision-making to mitigate impacts on projects. Automation features help you maintain accurate and up-to-date information, and assist project stakeholders to create comprehensive risk assessments with strong mitigation strategies. pmo365 enhances the efficiency of project teams and reduces their administrative burden for systematic RAID log preparation and robust project portfolio planning.

A RAID report is vital for tracking risks, assumptions, issues, and dependencies. It is the most effective preparation project teams can make for managing changes and events that impact the delivery process. RAID reports ensure that effective strategies are in place before the project even begins. They also outline key assumptions and ongoing issues that may become important if current circumstances change. On top of that, the report promotes coordination between projects to ensure that any interdependencies do not adversely affect delivery. The overall goal of the PMO RAID report is to improve project success rates and minimise disruption. This is a key objective of good project portfolio management and a must for project management teams managing large, interconnected portfolios.

pmo365 brings all your project portfolio data together into a single, shared resource for instantaneous updates of information across the enterprise. An integrated, secure platform incorporates a range of PPM tools, including Apps, Flows, Connectors and Reports, so all RAID documentation is informed by the latest project data. Our solution improves collaboration and efficiency between project teams and makes the preparation and monitoring of important documentation as effective as possible. In addition, pmo365‘s real-time reporting and business intelligence tools reliably track project progress and document project time reporting. We provide the most effective analytical tools to manage, monitor and accurately track RAID data in every project. Timely notifications and alerts ensure project teams are ready for any potential issues and help you leverage Power BI’s outstanding business intelligence tools to guide your strategic decisions.

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pmo365 builds a fully connected and customisable work environment that lets you generate up-to-the-minute reporting on all aspects of project portfolio performance. The pmo365 library contains Apps, Flows, Reports and Connectors for every possible PPM function.

We collaborate with you to design workflows that serve the needs of all your project managers and departments and offer a range of best practice reports and dashboards used in our industry solutions all around the world.

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