Business Case Approval guides the process of evaluating and approving new project proposals. The workflow considers big picture items like project scope, time and cost, and helps assess these against  benefits and risk. Business Case Approval provides consistent and comprehensive reviews for key stakeholders, outlining justifications for investment and alignment with organisational priorities, so each proposal is thoroughly investigated for strategic value before it begins.

Streamline Your Business Case Approval with pmo365

Business Case Approval streamlines the assessment of mature ideas with a clear and articulated approval process. Organisations build prioritised schedules of future activity based on available capacity and optimum return on investment. Key stakeholders review and evaluate business cases collaboratively with checks and approvals to ensure projects align with strategic objectives. As part of an integrated project portfolio management (PPM) solution, pmo365’s Business Case Approval rigorously interrogates for risk and benefits and improves strategic decision-making.

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Budget Approval

Why Choose pmo365 for Business Case Approval?

Business Case Approval integrates directly with all your other pmo365 apps and tools (including Project Centre, Portfolio Analysis, and Concept Idea Governance) to streamline the project pipeline. We configure ERPs (e.g. financials) and project management data into one simple and intuitive system for maintaining the entire portfolio.

All project information is kept securely on your Microsoft 365 cloud, with best-practice collaborative tools to monitor risk, issues, resource allocation, and procurement. Integration makes all your enterprise data available in one place so you can generate powerful, real-time reports and insights using the most up-to-date and accurate snapshots of information.

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What Makes Us Different

pmo365  is not a single productivity tool, but a versatile PPM solution that provides best practice Apps, Flows, Reports and Connectors tailored to the unique requirements of your project managers and the PMO. You select the most useful features and we develop the components according to how you want to use them. Configuration customises the solution to your needs, and project data is safely stored on your Microsoft cloud for instantaneous access across the organisation.

pmo365‘s comprehensive, fully connected platform keeps all your project management tools and information within easy reach and all stakeholders on top of project progress.

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Key Features of Business Case Approval

Business Case Approval is an integrated flow that simplifies the processes around project initiation and approval. No more copying and pasting from different applications and files, and no need to enter the same data twice. Project information (including budgets, benefits and risks) remains accessible to all stakeholders (and connected apps) throughout the entire lifecycle. You gain:

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Workflow Automations

Streamline approvals by automating the delivery of necessary documents to relevant stakeholders for review and decision-making.

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Reporting and Analytics

Monitor your business case and approvals across the entire portfolio with helpful status reports on business cases and types, allowing for data-driven insights and tracking of future project activity.

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Collaboration and Communication

Enhance collaboration between project stakeholders with comments, feedback and discussion using our business case analysis tool.

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Integration and Customisation

Seamlessly integrate with all other project management tools and systems and create customisations of apps to suit your own approval processes and requirements.

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Document Management

Create, store, and manage business case documents from within the same application, ensuring easy access and verification.

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Our Other Apps & Workflows

pmo365‘s Solution Library offers a complete and comprehensive range of project portfolio management software. You can choose the solution that best serves your current needs and continue to explore new enhancements over time. Our subscription service means you pay only one monthly fee with absolutely no development costs or building of code from scratch.

We deploy pmo365 using Microsoft’s secure and adaptable Power Platform, so you have virtually unlimited access to new Microsoft and non-Microsoft PPM tools for life. Furthermore, once you take out a pmo365 subscription, you own the solution and all the data kept on your Microsoft 365 cloud forever – even after your subscription expires. And we’ll continue to help you to manage your service however and whenever you need it.