Concept/Idea Governance

New business ideas and opportunities are major drivers of growth. Every organisation needs a system of idea management to source, capture and refine the best new ideas. That’s because any one of those ideas could end up defining the next few decades for your industry. Even modest product and process improvements generate considerable gains and savings. So, whether new concepts come from owners, managers, workers, or any other organisational stakeholder, every idea should be investigated thoroughly.

The management of new concepts and ideas is exactly what Concept/Idea Governance delivers. It provides a consistent framework to triage and categorise each new proposal, and helps manage the evaluation, selection, and execution of ideas right through to project approval. With this workflow you can be sure each proposal is carefully interrogated for value, and prioritised in accordance with projected costs, benefits, and alignment to organisational goals. 

Streamline Your Concept Idea Governance with pmo365

With Concept/Idea Governance, all project management ideas, regardless of their origin, are placed in one of three concept categories: Enterprise, Strategic or Operational.

  • The ‘Enterprise’ category refers to ideas with the potential to have a high impact on the organisation’s project portfolio.
  • ‘Strategic’ ideas are those which will further align with the long-term vision of the organisation and could be of direct benefit in terms of increased revenue, enhanced customer experience, or improved operational efficiency.
  • ‘Operational’ ideas are those deemed to have a limited impact on current projects, but which may significantly impact the day-to-day operations of the organisation. These kinds of ideas might, for example, relate to the streamlining of processes and systems, perhaps improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Concept/Idea governance ensures that the process by which ideas are submitted, triaged, optimised, or rejected is consistent and rigorously followed. It also facilitates the seamless integration of successful ideas into the project delivery phase. This minimises the time and effort involved in developing new projects whilst maximising their potential benefit.

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Why Choose pmo365 for Concept Idea Governance?

Concept/Idea Governance integrates directly with all your other pmo365 Apps and tools (including Risk, Resource and Benefits Management, and Enterprise Reporting Platforms). Our idea management software is connected to all the sources of data you need to help develop the best new ideas into fully fledged projects. It provides reliable frameworks for collecting, processing and prioritising proposals so that great concepts are not getting lost in busy inboxes and project meetings.

With real-time updates on approvals, and best-practice collaborative and assessment tools, Concept/Idea Governance enhances the communication around your project pipeline and gives everyone the space to think laterally.

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What Makes Us Different

pmo365 is not a single application but a library of Apps, Flows, Reports and Connectors that can be configured and customised to your organisation’s unique context and requirements. You select the most useful features for your project management needs, and we develop the components according to how you want to use them. Configuration customises all your PPM apps and tools, and project data is safely stored on your Microsoft cloud for instantaneous access across the organisation.

pmo365‘s comprehensive, fully connected platform keeps all your information within easy reach and all project managers well informed on the progress of proposals – from assessment right through to delivery and completion.

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Key Features of Concept/Idea Governance

pmo365 helps organisations make informed decisions on portfolio prioritisation, ensuring resources are allocated to the most valuable and aligned projects. We offer:

Idea Submission and Capture

A user-friendly interface with options for attaching files or documents relevant to each proposal. The flow captures all essential details, including a description of the idea, its category, and a clear articulation of potential benefits.

Customisable Workflows

Workflows can be adapted to the unique context of your workplace and stakeholders. You can create custom stages, approvals, and decision points which allow ideas to move through the process seamlessly, without inappropriate or extraneous details.

Collaboration and Discussion

Opportunities for all contributors to comment, discuss, and provide feedback on submitted ideas. Threaded discussion forums, notifications, and feedback forms promote idea refinement and constructive criticism.

Reporting and Analytics

Reports and dashboards provide visualisations and useful insights which facilitate data-driven decision-making on ideas. You can analyse metrics on submission types, evaluation scores, implementation success rates, idea trends, and much more.

Idea Evaluation and Prioritisation

Key stakeholders can score ideas based on predefined criteria or customisable parameters. Structured formats assess and rank proposals against key constraints like feasibility, impact, and alignment with organisational goals.

Integration and Customisation

Integration with other apps and tools, like project prioritisation and financials, means current information is always on hand to adapt the flow for specific organisational needs and functions.

Idea Tracking and Progress

Centralised data and collaborative tools provide visibility across the entire lifecycle, tracking the progress of an idea from submission right through to initiation, implementation, and delivery. Users can monitor status, updates, and actions taken on any proposal, creating transparency, engagement and accountability for every project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Idea Management tools provide the framework and processes to manage the generation, evaluation, selection, and execution of ideas. They establish organisational guidelines, criteria, and decision-making mechanisms. These ensure that all ideas align with strategic goals and are within the organisation’s current or future capacity. Idea governance fosters innovation whilst promoting transparency and stakeholder engagement. It also helps organisations engaged in multiple projects manage their pipeline of activities more effectively, driving improvement in resource allocation and delivery processes.

pmo365‘s integrated PPM solution improves idea governance by bringing:

  1. Innovation: A systematic approach to managing ideas fosters a culture of innovation and creativity within the organisation.
  2. Higher Quality Ideas: Thorough evaluation and selection means that only the very best ideas are being prioritised.
  3. Efficient Resource Allocation: PMO governance of new projects ensures that limited resources are being allocated in the most strategic way.
  4. Better Decision-Making: Clear governance processes prevent the approval of pet projects or ideas based on limited points of view. By considering all perspectives, the ideas management process is open to genuinely new initiatives.
  5. Stakeholder Engagement: Idea management workflows encourage greater personal investment from stakeholders, creating a sense of ownership and engagement, as well instilling a collaborative culture.

Without a well thought out idea collection and assessment process, organisations are failing to serve their strategic goals. Idea Management for PPM provides a structured framework for evaluating and selecting new ideas that align with high-level objectives. By ensuring that resources are allocated to ideas with the greatest potential, idea management enhances organisational decision-making processes and fosters a culture of innovation.

pmo365 is a fully modular system. Each App, Flow, Report or Connector easily plugs into place to build the exact, real-time PPM system you require. And, because it’s modular and highly customisable, the ability to evolve and change with your needs as you grow is built into the system – not as an afterthought. We provide tailored solutions to assess and manage project information with the latest, best-practice collaborative tools, instantaneous data updates, and integrations of all the project management apps and tools you might already be using. pmo365 ensures up-to-the-minute performance and powerful strategic insights, now and into the future.

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